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What People Buy and Why: Connecting Data for ROI and ROR

Nick Nyhan, Chief Digital Officer at Kantar and CEO of WPP’s Data Alliance, and Renee Smith, Chief Research Officer at Kantar emphasized the need for ‘coopetition’. No one has all the data – we need to share data and not be afraid to lose business. Everyone is worried about protecting their own business models. There are real privacy issues that we need to take into consideration. But you have to be open to working with others.

  •    Let’s open up and share more data, meters, and taxonomies.
  •    Let’s worry less about IP and focus more on keeping up with consumers and tech.
  •    Let’s be more confident about picking the storyline and telling it well, versus throwing more data at clients.
  •    Let’s increase consumer value proposition for sharing data with us.


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