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We Need a Bigger Toolbox

A report from the IAB and the Winterberry Group reveals that enterprise marketers use on average over a dozen distinct ad/marketing data toolsets, with close to 10% using more than 30 tools. Tools were mainly used by organizations’ digital marketing, analytics, media buying, and CRM teams.

Audience analytics for segmentation and targeting was the most common data-driven use case (82.9%). “Nearly as many marketers, 75 percent, are applying those analytical insights to product or offer development, representing a tangible cross-disciplinary contribution of the marketing department.” 80% of marketers indicated that the open-market programmatic media buying transaction is a core focus of their data initiatives, while 60% cited private-market programmatic buying.

“Though less than half of marketers said they’re currently leveraging data and technology for cross-channel initiatives (including targeting, engagement and measurement), a vast majority of panelists indicated that these efforts are top of mind as they continue to gain experience leveraging data and sophisticated technology tools. Over the long-term, panelists said these cross-channel efforts are likely only going to grow in importance as the tools that support them grow more capable.”



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