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Video Brand Building in the Age of Abundance

Tara Walpert Levy, Managing Director at Google & YouTube, declared that this is the age of abundance. People have an incredible amount of choices, and nowhere is that more true than in video. To drive results for brands it’s important to get insights quickly and measure the moments that matter. The good news is that technology is enabling much broader, richer measurement.

It’s time for the industry to expect viewability in video as well. It matters where the ad is on the page. Horizontally, maximum viewability is in the center of the page. Vertically, viewability is highest at the top of the page.

To have success in the changing video landscape, remember:

  •    Context still matters.
  •    Choice matters more than ever.
  •    Make timeliness matter.

We need to make sure we hold the audience’s attention from the start, and we need to take measure of all of the moments that matter.


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