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The Year in Creative: 24 Trends That Drove Some of the Best Advertising in 2015

Tim Nudd analyzes the 24 trends that drove some of the best 2015 ads in this Adweek article.  He provides examples, including videos, which illustrate these trends.

Among the trends:

-Powerful Women: ads that highlighted female strength included Ram trucks and Always, as well as the use of female athletes by other advertisers.

-LGBT Mainstreaming: Campbell’s, Wells Fargo and other companies followed the 2014 example of companies, such as Honey Maid, by creating ads with gay couples.

-Saving the Planet: ads related to environmental issues, such as the Rag Bag Case study, demonstrated outstanding creativity.

-Long Copy: was demonstrated in print and outdoor ads, such as Harmony Condoms, McDonald’s (DDB Stockholm), and Depaul Nightstop.

Additional trends:

-Gender Identity


-Saving Ourselves


-Simple Logos




-Outdoor Tech


-Older “It” Girls

-A Galaxy of Star War Ads

-Private Parts

-Crafty Creations

-The Dress

-Virtual Reality


-Faux-Fancy Fashions

-Stock Photos

-Unicorns as advertising characters

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