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The Number of TV Households Remains the Same According to Nielsen


According to an article in Media Life Magazine, Nielsen reports that the number of TV households will remain the same this season as it was last season. In order to be included in the measurement, households must have “at least one operable TV/monitor with the ability to deliver video via traditional means of antennae, cable set-top-box or satellite receiver and/or with a broadband connection.”  This number stands at 116.4 million households.  

There was a 0.3% increase in the total number of people in those households rising to 296.8 million. Hispanic, Black and Asian households increased.  Nielsen attributes this shift to population growth.

Nielsen also reported that the percentage of homes that receive traditional TV signals from broadcast, cable, satellite or telco companies, or have a broadband internet connection decreased from 96.1% to 95.2%.

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