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The Elusive Millennial Male

Research from Nielsen reveals insights into Millennial males, a group often perceived as elusive to marketers:

  • While Millennial males spend less time on average each week consuming traditional TV, they make up much of the difference online. “This group spends significantly more time per week (2 hours 15 minutes) than any other demographic watching videos on the Internet.”
  • They are heavy music listeners, with 88% listening to radio each week. They also show a greater interest in personalized streaming audio services than other demographics.
  • 70% of Millennial men engaged in social networking, 57% downloaded apps, 56% downloaded games, and 51% used a game console, compared with 38%, 36%, 24%, and 23%, respectively, for non-Millennial men.
  • In terms of ad content, “normal guys in extreme or exaggerated situations have the strongest effect with this segment.” Also, slapstick, edgy, and sarcastic humor in particular rates highly with younger men.


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