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Selected Highlights from the CIMM 2018 Annual Cross-Platform Media Measurement & Data Summit

Industry Leader Fireside Chat
Rishad Tobaccowla (Chief Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe) interviewed by Suzanne Vranica (Advertising Editor, WSJ)

  • We are so disrespecting people’s time that they are spending more and more time in advertising-free environments (e.g. Netflix). Consequently, we expect less advertising, perhaps 20-30%, within three to five years.
  • About “walled gardens” (e.g. Google and Facebook) – remember that it is advertisers who control their revenue.
  • The more data you have the stronger you can be, but what questions are you trying to answer with your data?
  • Data Analysts/Scientists + Storytelling capabilities = Future Leaders.
  • In this ecosystem you can no longer separate media from creative.

Buyers & Sellers Speak Out
Lou Paskalis (SVP, Bank of America), Scott Hagedorn (CEO, Hearts & Science), Joe Marchese (President of Ad Revenue, Fox Networks Group), Jason Lynch (Senior Editor, Adweek)

CIMM & the 4A’s Release: Attribution Provider & Discussion Panel
Released a comparison from 26 leading providers of media measurement analyses (arranged by four core offerings). The research was provided by Sequent Partners (Alice Sylvester and Jim Spaeth).

Who’s Getting It Right? – End Users Discuss Options for Cross-Measurement of Content & Ads
Lisa Heimann (SVP, NBC Entertainment), Daniel Slotwiner (Director of Ad Research, Facebook), Howard Shimmel (CRO, Turner), Brian Hughes (SVP, MAGNA), Elissa Lee (Director, Google), Kate Sirkin (EVP, Global Head, Publicis Media)

  • Howard – How does measurement correlate to outcomes?
  • Lisa – (What we need) to move from the interesting to answers and build tools to address business needs.
  • Daniel – (What we need) more offline & purchasing behavior.
  • Elissa – (What we need) panels are getting harder to build and they are still needed to calibrate and syndicated measures to understand the larger ecosystem.
  • Brian – The complexity of cross-platform makes it still elusive.
  • Kate – The issue of multiple accounts from the same person (think FB/G) regarding XP, we have the right info can often can’t put it all together.

Is the TV Industry Ready for Ad Ratings (Artie Bulgrin, EVP, Media Science) for CIMM
The MRC has introduced a framework for a video ad measurement standard that could unify linear TV and digital video platforms by measuring individual viewable ad units across platforms using a duration-weighted impression. This standard would also include the capability to measure net reach and duplication of audiences across platforms. The results of this study (among 27 influential leaders) indicate that the industry – across all constituencies – is ready to strongly consider such an approach for a number of reasons.

Additional information on the event is available at the CIMM website.