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Programmatic TV? Not in 2016, Though Data-Driven TV Buying is Hot

According to this Campaign Live article by Todd Wasserman, Programmatic TV may represent the majority of the overall TV ad spend in the future; however, that could take a decade or more. Streamlining ad buys and achieving precise viewer segmentation are among the appeals of programmatic.

However, the upfronts and human-based selling are likely to continue during this transition period.

Todd Gordon, general manager of programmatic TV at TubeMogul concludes that in 10 years, networks will still be holding upfronts. “There’s always going to be big-event TV and custom stuff that you want to do and high-touch type stuff,” he says. “Software isn’t going to do that for you.”

The impact of addressable TV and “TV Everywhere” are also discussed by Wasserman.

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