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One in Five Americans to Purchase a Wearable in the Next Year

Research from Ipsos reveals that 18% of American adults say they will probably or definitely purchase a wearable device in the next twelve months.  Fitness monitors and watches are among the products likely purchasers are most interested in, followed by jewelry, glasses, and contact lenses.

“Although wearable computers are just starting to enter the market in greater numbers, awareness levels are fairly consistent with the decade-old wearable fitness market. On an overall basis, more than four in ten adults are very familiar with wearable computers (41%) and wearable fitness monitors (46%).”  While purchase intent for fitness devices is almost even between men and women, purchase intent for wearable computers is stronger for men (19% vs. 8%).  Young adults lead other age groups in both awareness and purchase intent for wearable computers and fitness monitors.

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