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Omnichannel Marketing

Perry Simpson, Digital Content Coordinator at the Direct Marketing News, provides clarification between the marketing concepts: cross-channel, integrated, multichannel and omnichannel.

While omnichannel marketing is the preferred approach for marketing campaigns, often the campaigns are not truly omnichannel.  Omnichannel campaign require a customer-centric approach to marketing, and the customer data must provide insights into each customer transversing the brand’s channels.

Often, multichannel campaigns consist of the use of multiple channels, often without a consistent or integrated approach.  This approach is characterized by being marketer-centric.

Cross-channel campaigns also involve a campaign with a marketer-centric approach. Cross-channel campaigns better understand the brand’s customers as they move from one channel to another during their buying journey.

Integrated marketing seeks to synchronize marketing across traditional and digital media channels, but it lacks a customer-centric focus.

The advantage of the omnichannel approach is marketing campaigns which are cohesive, targeted and relevant from the customer’s point of view.


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