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New Business Pitches-Success or Failure?

In an iMediaConnection article, Kevin Ryan, CEO of Motivity Marketing, discusses the 10 ways an advertising agency can lose a new business pitch.

Ryan advises advertising and marketing agencies to avoid the following actions when pitching a new client:

-Ignoring the details of the RFP.

-Promising to meet unrealistic key performance indicators and unachievable objectives.

-Providing extensive spec work before signing a contract.

-Reading the slides and ignoring the managers and employees attending the presentation.

-Failing to learn about the client’s business category and the potential clients attending the pitch.

-Assuming you know the business.

-Speaking down to the pitch attendees.

-Engaging in an overzealous approach.

-Taking powerful anti-anxiety medications.

-Failing to practice the pitch.

Ryan feels that a new business pitch combines art and science.  It is not simply a sales presentation.

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