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Most Second Screens Don’t Follow Up on TV Ads

Only 11% of multiscreen users “proactively use a digital device to follow up on a TV ad”, according to Millward Brown. Although 35% of all screen time involves simultaneous usage of TV and a digital device, consumers are more likely to be doing an online activity unrelated to TV. MediaPost cites data stating that 35-45 year old viewers spend 118 minutes per day online via their smartphones, and the same amount watching TV. For 16-24 year old viewers, the figures are 155 minutes for smartphone and just 101 minutes for TV. In addition, 16- to-24-year-olds are more likely to be distracted or ‘stacking’ while watching TV.

The research firm does predict that more advertisers will take advantage of second-screen ad synching in 2015. By using listening technology to deliver ad messages to devices following a TV ad, brands will be able to reinforce the messaging as well as engage customers with offers or calls-to-action.


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