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Monday Newsletters Have Highest Open Rates

A recent Research Brief reports that email newsletters that arrived on a Monday had a 12.9% open rate in the second half of 2013, citing data from the 2014 Email Marketing Metrics Report by MailerMailer. Emails received on Tuesday had the second-highest open rate in the first half of the year, while those on Friday were second-highest for the second half of the year. While weekends accounted for the lowest open rates in the first half, click through rates on Sundays were relatively high.

Emails are more likely to be opened earlier in the day, between 8am and 12 noon. In terms of subject line length, shorter subject lines (4-15 characters) had higher open rates (16.8%). While personalization of the subject line reduced the open rate, personalization of message content enhanced the click rate.

“In spite of the fact that there’s no single benchmark when it comes to click rate, analysts have still been able to determine the threshold for successful campaigns. Most B2C campaigns range from 2% to 12%, while their B2B counterparts range from 5% to 15%.”

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