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Mobile Becoming the First Screen

Jack Loechner, writing for the Research Brief From the Center for Media Research, analyzes The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Report, and finds key changes in global mobile consumer behavior and the digital and advertising landscapes.

Among the findings:

-Mobile is increasingly becoming the first screen in terms of time spent by consumers with media.

-Combined, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn experienced a 49% growth in ad revenue from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015.

-In 2014, digital advertising surpassed both broadcast and cable television revenue in the U.S.  Digital advertising became the largest single channel and the fastest growing channel.  Revenue in 2014 was almost $50 billion.

This report also reveals that the revolution in technology will foster tighter collaboration among marketing, sales, and service departments within corporations. It will also break down marketing silos, which negatively impact brand teams and agency relationships.

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