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Mobile Becomes America’s First Screen

A study from Flurry indicates that daily time spent on mobile has pushed past TV. While average TV time remained constant at 168 minutes, time on mobile devices increased to 177 minutes as of last quarter. This uptick was driven by app usage, but it isn’t the leading apps that get the credit. “The top 25 apps, ranked by time spent, had seen a mere 1% increase in time spent with them (from 69 minutes to 70 minutes) during the first nine months of the year, while the rest had registered a 21% increase (from 70 minutes to 85 minutes),” states a WARC article covering the study.

Time spent on mobile devices and TV

“Consumers turned to mobile apps to stay fit, stay organized and productive, or stay up to speed on their favorite sports. As more consumers use mobile devices for almost every daily task, it seemed only logical that they would turn to their phones more often than their TV sets.”

Read the full article. More on the study available here.

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