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Media Buyers Can Fight Ad Fraud

Timur Yarnall, writing for comScore, discusses how media buyers can help to fight ad fraud.

Ad fraud, transparency, and NHT (non-human traffic) have become critical issues for both media buyers and sellers.

Media buyers can push for transparency and high-quality inventory.  Yarnall points out three main reasons media buyers should take an active role on these issues:

-To protect client relationships. Media buyers need to show verified results in order to justify their recommended and executed digital campaigns. CMOs and CFO must be able to trust the results of these campaigns.

-To protect the budgets allocated to digital. Campaign metrics must be considered valid in order justify continued spending on digital media.

-To protect the quality and transparency of the media buying industry

Failing to address the issues of viewability, NHT, and ad fraud will negatively impact the digital ecosystem.


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