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Limited-Interruption Advertising in Digital-Video Content: An Analysis Compares the Effects of “Midroll” Versus “Preroll” Spots and Clutter Advertising

In this Journal of Advertising Research Digital First article, the authors, Jean Brechman, The College of New Jersey; Steven Bellman, University of South Australia; Jennifer A. Robinson, RMIT University; Amy Rask, MediaScience; Duane Varan, MediaScience, compare potential advertising formats for digital video.

The researchers found that digital video offers new opportunities and formats for television advertising. One of these new formats is “limited-interruption” advertising, in which each midroll advertising break (shown during the video content) features just one commercial.  Using a controlled experiment, this study compared limited-interruption advertising to preroll (before video) and clutter advertising, on measures of advertising intrusiveness and effectiveness.

Among the conclusions of this paper:

Limited-interruption advertising outperformed the other two digital-video formats, in terms of branded advertisement recall.

Repeated-exposure limited interruption, which is used by many networks online, offers a way of achieving exclusive high brand awareness but at the cost of potentially reducing advertisement liking.

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