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How to Sell Your Ideas to Millennials

Ian Altman, a contributor to the Forbes website, spoke with researchers on the subject of Millennials.  Altman points out that each generation’s experiences and perspectives influence their purchasing and behavior, both as customers and as employees.

According to Jason Dorsey, Lead Millennials Researcher at the Center for Generational Kinetics, “…Millennials are not tech savvy but tech-dependent.  This is a huge distinction everyone from managers to marketers needs to know.”

Rayanne Thorn, VP for Marketing, Dovetail Software, and editor for intrepidHR, provides advice on Millennial employees. “They like to adapt and adopt, they have grown up with technology.  Engage with them appropriately and organizations will reap the rewards. . .”

Brad Szollose, author of Liquid Leadership, comments on Millennials and brand loyalty. “Whereas boomers were loyal to brands based on advertising, Millennials are attracted to brands who think and act like they do.  If you are hip enough, Millennials are willing to pay more to be associated with you than with others.”

Altman outlines the additional expectations of Millennials as well as the benefits that this generation offers brands and employers.


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