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Four Trends for Marketers at CES

Bob Lord, writing in AdAge, identifies four trends from CES impacting marketing now:

  • The growing popularity of wearables can help brands enhance marketing efforts based on consumer behavior. “Making these experiences even more personal on new devices will extend marketers’ ability to deliver the most relevant messages, at the right time, and in the right place.”
  • As consumers begin to embrace connected devices in the home and daily life, CPG marketers have an opportunity in services like auto-replenishment and mobile app alerts that cultivate loyalty.
  • “TV digitization and unbundling has arrived… Data-driven and automated strategies will allow marketers to reach and engage their target audiences with much more precision within TV-like environments.”
  • The availability of data means that a data strategy must be a CMO’s top priority. Three issues are critical: ownership, accessability, and monetization. “Marketers need to be able to analyze all the data generated by campaigns, monitored by sensors and captured by devices holistically — across all channels — so they can make the best decisions possible about the messages they create, the media they buy and the audiences they engage.”


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