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Editor’s Note: This is a very edited version of a lengthy advertiser thought piece. The End of Advertising, As We Know It – via MediaPost (source: Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Lenovo)

Until relatively recently, the ad industry has been dominated by the same media that dominated it in 1955. Only TV still dominates today, but its grip on media buyers is slipping. Cataclysmic forces are shifting corporate culture and disrupting pent-up organizational malaise.

I see the rise of a global media hub, like a stock exchange, which will become responsible for transacting all digital programmatic buys. And if budgets are of a sufficient size, then pan-continental hubs will emerge. This ultimately can be driven by a workflow process capturing budget, creative, target audience, timing and metrics.

Corporations have the opportunity to drive this to an in-house process, outsource to the new specialist shops forming, or transform current agency buying practices and thus transform today’s model.

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