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Digital Video Takes the Spotlight

On February 23rd, the ARF hosted an event on how neuroscience research can enhance mobile creative.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • 62% of campaigns are not using mobile in the optimal way – Manuel Garcia-Garcia, The ARF
  • Need to optimize ad experience and avoid ad blockers through optimized delivery and master the creative – Manuel Garcia-Garcia, The ARF
  • Device orientation matters: 65% of subjects watched vertically and only watched 14% of the ad; when phone was turned, 47% of the ad was viewed – Diana Lucaci, True Impact
  • When approaching users in a mobile environment: think differently: consider the format; consider the delivery; and consider the person on the other end of the phone – Ari Brandt, MediaBrix
  • Delivering your message early (in the first 10 seconds) results in stronger brand message and stronger message recall – Hannah Pavalow, Facebook
  • How relevant the content and message are is more important than length of ad. Take the time needed to tell the story, but no longer – Hannah Pavalow, Facebook

You can access the slides and videos from this event, by clicking here and using your myARF login and password.