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Demographics of Wearable Users

According to NPD, one in ten US adults owns a fitness tracker. 36% of owners are ages 35-54, 41% have an average income above $100,000, and 54% are women. Smartwatch owners, on the other hand, skew mostly male (71%), 69% are ages 18-34, and 48% have an income under $45,000 . Penetration is also lower, at only 2% of the market.

According to NPD Director of Connected Intelligence, Wes Henderek, “There is no ‘average’ consumer for the wearables market; the fitness tracker and smartwatch target consumer are fundamentally different. While we expect smartwatch ownership to grow more rapidly over the next year, there will remain a clear place for the fitness tracker due to its size, battery life, and focus on one specific use case – as opposed to the smartwatch which is trying to be a little bit of everything for everyone.”


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