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Cross-Platform Measurement Criteria

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) has developed seven criteria to measure cross-platform exposure of both content and ads, according to Jane Clarke, CEO and Managing Director of the organization.

Charlene Weisler, writing for Media Village, discusses these criteria:

-Go beyond panels, which are too limited in size and unable to account for out-of-home viewing.

-Shift to passive measurement and solutions, such as passive electronic measurement.

-Include Census data across all platforms.

-Measurement of individuals would be optimal, but measurement of households is also useful.

-Measure ads and programming separately.

-Develop common units of analytics and metrics for reporting.

-Implement an asset identification open standard.

Weisler concludes that the pace of cross-platform measurement solutions should accelerate with the CIMM criteria in place.


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