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Coloring Outside the Lines: ESPN’s Unique and Inspiring Storytelling

Barry Blyn, VP of Consumer Insights at ESPN shared eight guidelines for telling stories that inspire:

  •    Rule #1: Great stories begin when you decide which stories to tell.
  •    Rule #2: Great storytelling also depends on the storyteller.
  •    Rule #3: Embrace the foggy areas. It’s not just a race to get to the insight, it’s also the quality of the insight.
  •    Rule #4: Delivering bad news well is a storyteller’s best friend.
  •    Rule #5: Having an opinion isn’t a ‘nice to do’. It’s a need to do.
  •    Rule #6: Every story should have a memorable metaphor that illustrates the concept in an unforgettable way.
  •    Rule #7: Market the methodology. “A central part of market research is marketing the research.”
  •    Rule #8: Market the deliverables.


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