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Branded Content Boosts Purchase Intent According to a Study by IPG and Google

High-quality branded content is effective at increasing brand favorability and intent to purchase according to a study conducted by IPG Media Lab and Google. This global study surveyed 14,780 consumers and included brands in 19 categories in 10 countries. Jon Lafayette’s article in Broadcasting and Cable provides some of the conclusions from this study.

Among these conclusions:

-The companies defined branded content as content that lives on its own, produced by and for the brand, as opposed to content produced by someone else that the brand affixes it to.

-Consumers found branded content more entertaining, uplifting, educational, novel and exciting than standard video ads.

-The study found that high-quality content led to a 10% greater increase in purchase intent, compared to lower quality content.

According to Kara Manatt, VP Consumer Research Strategy at the IPG Media Lab, “Our data indicates there are clear best practices marketers can take advantage of when creating and deploying branded content. Naturally, marketers spend more time and budget creating this custom content, so having these guidelines based on improving brand perceptions and driving purchase intent is invaluable.”

Among these guidelines:

-Mentioning the brand more often increased the perception that the content was designed to “sell a product,” but the information was still trusted.

-For high-price purchases, purchase intent was higher with more brand mentions.

-Placing content on a premium site can have a halo effect on brand preference and intent to purchase. The more consumers liked the site, the greater the impact the branded content had on those consumers.

IPG Media Labs and Google plan to continue studying branded content.

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