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Are You Making Zombies or Superheroes?

A good digital strategy isn’t just about trying to get attention, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review. Common mistakes that brands make include:

  • Titillating, not educating. – Help people develop skills and do things to lead better lives.
  • Making zombies, not superheroes. – Ask how the brand can empower its consumers.
  • Infecting, not connecting. – While virality is fleeting, connections are about developing long-term relationships.
  • Communicating, not elevating. – “You can use the latest, greatest social network as a tool to broadcast your crappy promise that no one really cares about. Or you can use it to build a book club, or a running group, a support group, a counseling center, a peer-funded scholarship. See the difference? One is about volume. The other about values. And creating value.”



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