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TV’s Late Bloomer: Video-on-Demand and its advertising impact

Dave Kaplan and Maria DeLuca, NBCUniversal & Chris Pizzurro, Canoe Ventures

The VOD ecosystem is expanding. Bravo’s VOD transactions have grown significantly. Among viewers of Bravo VOD programming, 69% watched both linear and VOD but a full 31% were VOD only viewers. The latter group is bringing in an incremental advertiser friendly segment, e.g. younger and more affluent viewers.

Bravo selected one of its series, Below Deck Mediterranean, for consumer research. This included custom Nielsen viewership data and measures of engagement with advertising on the VOD platform.

Among the key findings:

  • Higher viewer exposure to ads in the VOD platform
  • The network could hook in more casual viewers through paid advertising
  • The promotion campaign for the series on VOD had its strongest tune-in conversion during the second and third weeks, delivering viewers who did not tune into the show when it initially premiered


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