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People Want to Pick Their Own TV channels – Until They Find Out How Much It Will Cost

via 24 Australia (source: Hub Research)

New consumer study under American TV viewers by Hub Entertainment Research entitled “Let’s Get Ready to Bundle.” The study was conducted under 1500 people who watch at least 5 hours of TV a week.

It found that 53% of pay-TV subscribers want to choose the individual TV channels they want to pay for, under an à la carte model. When asked to simply choose the channels they would want individually in their ideal pay-TV bundle, the average person included in the study chose 19 channels. Also noteworthy is that 70% included at least one streaming service like Netflix as a must-have.

They then did a second take, and added an approximate monthly TV subscription fee next to each channel or service. Interestingly the number of channels that consumers now chose dropped from 19 to just 9.

“The current bundled approach to TV service gives consumers access to a fairly large number of networks they never watch, networks they assume they’re paying for,” says Peter Fondulas, co-author of the study, in a statement. “In their mind, paying for something they don’t use is an instant sign of poor value. They instinctively see à la carte as an ideal solution, although in an exercise like this, they see that per-channel prices can add up quickly—and severely limit their viewing choices”.

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