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African American Media Usage Outpaces Across Platforms

“African-Americans have a diverse approach to receiving content and information—they fully engage and connect through various mainstream and niche media outlets and platforms, and they consume more content than other groups on all fronts,” according to Nielsen. Specific findings: 

  • African Americans watch television more than other groups. In particular they watch more live TV, but time-shifted and VOD viewing are increasing as well.
  • 52% of African American consumers surveyed were “more likely to be voracious readers of magazines, which is 30% higher than the general population.”
  • 92% of African American adults surveyed said they tune into radio each week.
  • In terms of digital, “81% of African-Americans are more likely to show support for a favorite company or brand using social media, and 76% are more likely to share opinions by posting reviews and ratings online.”



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