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A Solid Content Marketing Strategy is Critical to the Success of the Overall Marketing Strategy

David Kirkpatrick, shares ideas for content marketing on the MarketingSherpa Blog.  Both consumers and B2B prospects are doing most of their own research.  B2B prospects are getting 80% down the pipeline before contacting a salesperson.

Kirkpatrick emphasizes that content marketing is not about selling a company, a product or a service.  It is about becoming a trusted destination for prospects by providing content which results in thought leadership and brand awareness.

Content can come from many sources, including:

-Created internally by Marketing

-Provided internally by subject matter specialists within the company

-Supplied by third-party experts and industry leaders

-Generated by users

In addition to using content from multiple sources, it is also important to share different types of content:

-Written blog posts

-White papers




-Slide decks



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