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83% of Technology and Business Stakeholders Capture IoT Data, 8% Make the Most of It

The intersection of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data has great business impact potential. This article by Chuck Martin, writing for Media Post, presents findings from the study “IoT Meets Big Data and Analytics.”  This study, conducted by Dimensional Research for ParStream, sought to understand the stakeholder experiences and challenges related to IoT. The study presents the results of an online survey of 200 business people with professional responsibility for IoT projects.

Among the findings:

-While 83% of these stakeholder collect data, only 8% are making the most of it by fully capturing and analyzing it in a timely fashion.

-77% view data collection and analysis as important in their IoT projects.

-44% believe there is too much data to analyze effectively.

-36% feel that it is difficult to capture useful data.

-34% of the respondents either don’t store or don’t analyze any IoT data.

If the challenges involved in IoT projects could be resolved:

-76% of respondents would collect and store more data.

-70% believe they would make improved business decisions if they were able to capture and store data faster and more cost effectively.

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