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63% of Marketers to Increase Native Ad Spend

Almost two thirds of respondents expect to increase their native advertising budgets in 2015, according to an ANA survey of member marketers. Currently, native advertising only accounts for a small percent of  budgets– five percent or less for the bulk of respondents (68%). Other findings from this report:


  • 85% of respondents who engage in native advertising do so via digital/online publishers. 71% do so through social media. “To a secondary extent, native is associated with print media, and has a modest level of usage there.”
  • Eight in 10 marketers employ native advertising via articles, and roughly six in 10 use native video and photos.
  • “The main benefit of native advertising is the ability to create extremely relevant associations between the brand and consumer via content.”
  • Disclosure and transparency are major concerns, with three quarters of those surveyed agreeing that there is an ethical boundary for the advertising industry when it comes to native advertising.
  • Measurement remains a challenge. While multiple metrics are utilized, no single metric stands out as ‘most important’.


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