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Consumers, Heroes, and the Trends That Will Impact Advertising in 2016

Ford Motor Company and advertising agency Ogilvy reveal the “10 Behavioral Trends Guiding Advertising in 2016,” in this Media Post article by Laurie Sullivan. Despite an underlying sense of disillusionment, consumers are willing to embrace heroes, including fictional characters. Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager, analyzes additional trends in this article and provides a link to the full study.  TAG: behavioral trends.  See more . . . Source: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/265598/10-behavioral-trends-guiding-advertising-in-2016.html

Five Seconds and Counting

Marketers have five seconds to catch the attention of consumers with mobile video advertising according to Gal Borenstein, founder and CEO of the Borenstein Group.  He analyzes the “10 Digital Branding and Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2016” in this Ragan Communications article.  View the infographic and the additional nine trends that will impact your digital branding and marketing in 2016.  TAG: mobile video advertising.  See more . . . Source: http://www.ragan.com/Main/Articles/50581.aspx

Consumers Can Be Motivated Not to Block Ads

Lolly Mason, writing for iMEDIA CONNECTION, believes that publishers and advertisers will reevaluate their digital advertising in 2016 and provide a more positive advertising experience for consumers.  Mason’s article, “The Year We Say Goodbye to Bad Ads?” discusses how fewer, more creative ads, and ads that are less intrusive and more relevant will provide publishers and advertisers with the tools to fight back against ad blocking by consumers. TAG: ad blocking.  See more . . . Source: http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/39712.asp

Email Will Remain the ROI Champion

Data analytics, segmentation, and personalization will increase email’s effectiveness in 2016.  Read how social media presents an opportunity for greater personalization of email in this Direct Marketing News article by Al Urbanski, “In 2016, All Roads Will Lead to Email.” TAG: email marketing.  See more . . . Source: http://www.dmnews.com/in-2016-all-roads-will-lead-to-email/printarticle/461319/

How Do Consumers Think in a Digital World?

The goal of the authors in this December 2015 Journal of Advertising Research article  was to replicate the most-cited study in advertising research, the elaboration likelihood model (ELM), to see if this model would reflect how consumers think in the digital world.

The authors are Gayle Kerr, Queensland University of Technology; Don E. Schultz, Northwestern University; Philip J. Kitchen, ESC Rennes School of Business; Frank J. Mulhern, Northwestern University, and Park Beede, Higher Colleges of Technology.

The authors conclude in this article, “Does Traditional Advertising Theory Apply to the Digital World?  A Replication Analysis Questions the Relevance of the Elaboration Likelihood Model,” that the results of the 1983 study could not be replicated today in any of the three countries in which the current study was conducted.  They suggest that advertising scholars need to examine the assumptions and foundations of “advertising theory.” TAGS: elaboration likelihood model, replication of research.  See more . . . Source: http://www.thearf.org/journal-of-advertising-research-online-access/