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2016 Marketing Trends

Himanshu Sareen, writing for ClickZ, presents four marketing trends for 2016:

1.Oculus Rift-Acceptance of virtual reality by consumers is increasing rapidly. Oculus Rift will inevitably have a huge impact on the ways in which marketers engage with consumers.  As consumers come to expect full immersion with marketing campaigns, companies who don’t supply a virtual experience for customers could lose sales.

2.Snapchat is a platform that enables users to digest social media in real-time.  Snapshot allows marketers the opportunity to offer exclusive content that has an expiration date, which is especially attractive to millennial customers.

3.Stronger search capabilities within social media represent a potential marketing benefit for brands.  Buy buttons and payment messaging within social media will allow the development of an all-in-one platform.

4.The Internet of Things is being rapidly adopted.  Wearable technology is expected to achieve a 28% user adoption rate by 2016.  IoT is expected to become a more important marketing tool for customer engagement.


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