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Tuesday, February 17, 2015 • 2:00–5:00PM ET

Once upon a time, youth marketing was an afterthought, something marketers paid attention to if they had budget left over.  The world has changed. Today, from luxury cars to real estate, marketers across the board are seeing the important role of youth and young adults in setting cultural trends and driving consumer behavior.  As media and technology play an ever‐greater role in our customers’ lives, marketers must stay connected to young consumers to influence today’s growth and tomorrow’s success.

Join us for revolutionary new thinking from leading marketers, academics, and insight gurus on how the youth and young adult market is evolving and what you need to do to connect to this important consumer segment.

The ARF Generations Forum focuses on issues relating to youth and the constituencies that care about them.

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Most Second Screens Don’t Follow Up on TV Ads

Only 11% of multiscreen users “proactively use a digital device to follow up on a TV ad”, according to Millward Brown. Although 35% of all screen time involves simultaneous usage of TV and a digital device, consumers are more likely to be doing an online activity unrelated to TV.

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What Binge Buying Means For Marketers

Research highlighted in Knowledge@Wharton suggests that customer segmentation needs to take into account ‘clumpiness’, a consumption pattern of inactivity interrupted by short buying bursts. The authors recommend adding clumpiness as a fourth dimension when doing segmentation based on recency, frequency, and monetary value. When looking at customers that have churned, ‘clumpy’ customers are valuable to reactivate because they will come back and be clumpy again.

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Humorous Ads Gain Edge With Placement

MediaTel and WARC highlight research that suggests that “the funniness of an ad is not just a creative issue but also one of media placement. The perception of funniness can be boosted through channel selection or implementational tactics.” One Millward Brown study that ran identical creative on TV and cinema revealed differences in the proportion of respondents that said they “enjoyed the humor” — 61% for cinema viewers versus 52% for TV.

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Young Men Lead Smartphone Shopping

Seventy-six percent of male smartphone owners aged 18-34 make purchases on their smartphones in a typical month, compared to only 59% of females in that age group, according to research from the IAB and Precision Marketing Insights. Additional findings on holiday shopping from this report:

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Enthusiasts, Dabblers, and Lurkers on Social Media

A report from Vision Critical states that 85% of Facebook updates come from 29% of the Facebook audience, and suggests that the people who participate and post on social media data are not necessarily representative of a brand’s customers. The report identifies three segments: Enthusiasts, who post 5 times a week or more, Dabblers who post 2-4 times a week, and Lurkers who post no more than once a week.

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Mobile Accounts for a Third of Global Ecommerce Sales

Mobile now accounts for 30% of eCommerce transactions globally, according to a new report from Criteo. Among the trends highlighted:

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The Elusive Millennial Male

Research from Nielsen reveals insights into Millennial males, a group often perceived as elusive to marketers:

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Email Preferred for Brand-Consumer Communications

Survey results from MessageSystems highlighted in Media Research Brief suggest that email is consumers’ preferred method of communication with brands. This was true for both initiating communication with brands on non-emergency customer service issues, as well as receiving special offers or coupons.

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