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ARF West Presents - Making the Impossible Possible: Meeting the Cross-Platform Challenge
November 12 - 13, 2014ET


For more information please visit our microsite.


Location: San Francisco - TBD


Wednesday, November 12

Programmatic buying is fundamentally shifting the way that advertising inventory is bought and how advertisers connect with consumers. It’s attracting an increasingly bigger share of advertising budgets. But beyond the buzzword it’s still a mystery to most marketers. Take your knowledge of programmatic buying from beginner- to expert-level and learn how to use programmatic to drive growth for your business today and in the future.


Thursday, November 13

To stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world, today’s marketers and researchers need to have the latest data on cross-platform consumer media usage at their fingertips. In order to keep their jobs and make the right decisions as billions of dollars are poured into marketing analytics, they also have to know exactly how their advertising is performing across different media types and platforms. Get the tools to deliver leading-edge cross-platform advertising and measurement today. Be inspired by the world’s most innovative advertisers and their paths to success, connect with industry experts to uncover their perspectives on key issues and find your tribe to discuss the inside track. Plus, learn from game-changing original ARF research that will drive growth for your business.

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"The ARF has helped keep us continuously up-to-date on a range of research topics, including social media, digital and traditional advertising channels, data quality and new methods. Our partners at the ARF have also helped us tap into the organization's considerable library of published content to answer business questions in real-time. Participation in ARF Forums has enhanced our professional networks and provided opportunities for learning and growth."
Mike Hegener – Asst. Director, Brand Research, GM


Luiz Duarte - DIRECTV Marketing Latin America