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September 17, 2014

KL CommunicationsIs your community too passive, too reactive, too stagnant? Learn how to empower your community through co-creation. Create an environment where participants are proactive and become thought partners.

As consumers evolve, so do consumer insights. We need to continually innovate our methods for engaging with customers to ensure we deliver the insight our organizations need.

During this session, industry leaders will share their unique experiences and perspectives on the evolving landscape of online communities, how they are changing, and how you can adapt to increase the value of insights in your organization.

In this session, you will:
- Learn how a new participatory consumer culture has impacted insights

- Learn about how to better engage a diverse group with differing creative styles

- Hear case studies on how others have leveraged co-creation to create a better, more insightful online community

We look forward to seeing you there and discussing the next generation of Market Research Online Communities!


Karen Bakos – Director, Consumer Insights, Time Inc.
Rachel Dreyfus – Dreyfus Advisors, former VP, Marketing Intelligence at Time Warner Cable
Sean Holbert – Executive Vice President, KL Communications
Horst Stipp – EVP, Research & Innovation: Global & Ad Effectiveness, The ARF

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To Register, email Daniel Bulgrin at dbulgrin@thearf.org.

October 16, 2014


San Francisco, CA
Time & Venue TBD 

Real-Time Marketing Meets Real-Time Research 

Marketers today are focused on dealing with rapid changes in consumer behavior, especially those caused by new media technologies that affect where, when, and how consumers are exposed to advertising.

The goal of this event is to provide learning you can use, not just for getting the right advertising message to the right person at the right time—no matter whether they are surfing social media, watching television, checking their mobile phone, or walking into a store—but how the complete cohesion between brands and agencies can be supported by smart, real-time market research. In addition to the need for new insight, market research automation can provide real-time brand benefit.

Specifically, we will address:

·    Insight into multi-platform usage. What people are using their devices for and how market research can help optimize platforms—mobile for music, desktop for research on products, tablets for shopping, etc. How can we measure and make sense of it all and act in real-time.

·    Coupling attitudinal and behavioral data with ethnographic research to compare what people think they do to what they actually do using new methods for obtaining market research brought about by new media.


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To Register, email Daniel Bulgrin @ dbulgrin@thearf.org

October 30, 2014

Multicultural and Millennial Mandate

Stay tuned, more information coming soon.

March 15 - 18, 2015 ET

We look forward to seeing you at Re:Think 2015, to be held this year at the New York Hilton.