Re:think Plus 2012 - Program

Re:think Plus 2012 – Program

April 17 – 19, 2012

Beginning at Noon EST via Webcast
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Tuesday, April 17 | Wednesday, April 18 | Thursday, April 19


All presentations are 25 minutes, plus five minutes for Q&A.


12:00 – 12:30PM
A New Approach to Measuring Contextual Ad Effectiveness

Presented by:

Jodie Lord – Associate Research Director, Ameritest
John Clifton – Senior Research Director, Turner Broadcasting
Sean Scott – CIO, VP, Ameritest

Making your ad messages breakthrough in today’s cluttered environment continues to be the key challenge that marketers face. While prior research has proven the positive impact of context on ad performance, the research needs to expand in order to gain a deeper understanding of the contextual content and how it makes ads work harder. In this session, attendees will learn how to unlock the power of contextually relevant content using already proven metrics to measure the creative quality of television advertising.

12:35 – 1:05PM
Action Code Adoption and Utilization Rates

Presented by:

Roger Matus – Executive Vice President, Nellymoser, Inc.

Since there can be a delay between the time a person reads an advertisement and the time that they can take an action, one of advertisers’ largest concerns is “drop off.”  However, the explosive growth in smartphone use enables advertisers to reach a large audience through mobile action codes. To understand how action codes are used, Nellymoser, Inc. conducted a study to analyze the mobile action codes used and mobile content delivered by the top 100 U.S. magazines. This presentation will reveal the surprising results of the study and provide a better perspective on how advertisers can best utilize action codes to engage potential customers.

1:10 – 1:40PM
Measure What Matters: Next Generation Campaign Validation

Presented by:

Kirby Winfield – SVP, Corporate Development, comScore, Inc.

Brands invest in digital with the expectation that their campaigns are being delivered to their target audience on brand safe sites, not subject to fraud, and actually seen by consumers. However, in order for brands to get a true gauge of overall performance, they must piece together data from disparate sources that leverage different methods, often resulting in inconsistent and inaccurate insights.

comScore, with its recent acquisition of AdXpose, is now uniquely positioned to provide this type of end-to-end campaign validation, and will present findings from a first-ever, 100+ campaign study that quantifies the extent to which ads are delivered outside of target, on brand unsafe sites, not actually seen, and/or subject to fraud. The study will pave the way for a more accurate measure of campaign delivery that relies on validated impressions.

1:45 – 2:15PM
Can You Feel It? The Emotions that Drive Consumption

Presented by:
Ken Roberts – Managing Partner, Forethought Research

Marketers and advertisers are tasked with investing their communications budgets to maximum effect: build brand, build sales, and build market share. Therefore, the broad marketing industry must understand how we can exploit the role of emotions in brand and communications.

Measurements of rational responses and post-rationalized emotions (for example the output of focus groups) have been, for a time, the best tools available to assist our understanding of consumer behavior—but they have never been perfect. The greatest gap has been an understanding of the role that emotions play in influencing consumer choices. This presentation will discuss Forethought Research’s recent case study illustrating the hierarchy of non-conscious emotions vs. the rational drivers that activate consumption at a category, brand, and communications level.

2:20 – 2:50PM
Special Presentation: Ogilvy Awards Case Study
How Sprint Learned that Customer Love Could Cure their Ills

Presented by:
David Rabjohns – CEO, MotiveQuest

In 2009, Sprint was losing customers at a much faster pace than they were adding, and it was having a drastic impact on their bottom line. This presentation will cover how Sprint leveraged MotiveQuest’s online anthropology research technique to understand what was causing the problem and how they reversed the loss.

2:55 – 3:25PM
The Multi-Screen Impact: The Effects of the Connected Consumer

Presented by:
Joan FitzGerald – VP, TV Sales and Business Development, comScore, Inc.
Frank Foster – VP, IPTV Sales and Solutions, AT&T AdWorks

This presentation will discuss how consumers are connected by multiple screens, creating a fragmented environment and presenting brands with challenges in utilizing these platforms effectively. This key issue forum presentation had the highest attendance at Re:think 2012 – don’t miss it at Re:think Plus!



12:35 – 1:05PM
Branding Impact of ITV Commercial Overlays

Presented by:
Gerard Broussard – VP, Media Insights & Analytics, Canoe Ventures

This session provides summary-level results of how the appearance of RFI (Request For Information) interactive applications overlaid on 30-second commercials impacts branding metrics of the underlying ad. The RFIs provided the opportunity for viewers to request a brochure, coupon, or sample, which would then be sent directly to the requester’s home. In addition to collecting information about the portion of audience who responded, surveys were administered to capture the branding impact of the RFI’s on screen appearance among the entire viewing audience, including those who did not respond. Results demonstrated that an RFI’s presence within the commercial substantially boosted branding metrics vs. a control group who only saw the underlying ad.

1:10 – 1:40PM
Creative Wear-Out and Impact Analysis

Presented by:
Leigh Engelhardt – Director, Audience Research, TiVo Inc.
Mukund Thiyagarajan – Statistical Analysis, TiVo Inc.

How many times have you run a creative campaign where the law of depreciating return kicks in? How many times have you wondered about the optimal time to pull a campaign off the air? Or about the ad placement factors that affect creative performance? To answer these questions, TiVo conducted a study to identify the relationship between audience retention for commercials and the creative wear-out rate by different program and spot related variables. Ad agencies and brands can utilize the results to gain a better understanding of the optimal time before they take a campaign off the air and the effect of these variables on creative wear-out.

1:45 – 2:15PM
Unlocking the Social Power of Your Brand

Presented by:
Chris Malone – Chief Advisory Officer, The Relational Capital Group
Ed Martin – Director, Marketing Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility Insights, The Hershey Company

Recent research by The Relational Capital Group and a team of leading social psychologists has revealed that the instinctive thought process that governs our perceptions and interactions with other people also drives our purchase decisions and loyalty towards commercial brands. The Warmth & Competence Model has been well researched and documented as the universal thought process that governs how all humans perceive and build relationships with one another. However, this new research also shows that warmth and competence perceptions also heavily influence consumer behavior, shedding new light on why we’ve become so cynical about brands and corporations. This session reviews this research, discusses implications for brand managers, and shares a case study from Hershey. You will find this session particularly valuable if you are looking to:

  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Reduce the costs of customer acquisition
  • Create sustainable differentiation from competitors
  • Begin to quantify the impact of consumer affairs, community relations, and corporate social responsibility efforts on brand purchase intent and loyalty

2:20 – 2:50PM
How Product Review Videos Bring FMOT to E-Commerce

Presented by:
Frank Findley – VP, Research and Development, comScore, Inc.
Daphne Kwon – CEO, EXPO Communications

In marketing, one of the most important moments is when a shopper first encounters a product in the store. In physical retail outlets, success at this First Moment of Truth (FMOT) is driven by the mix of in-store media, shelving, packaging, and interaction with the product itself. So is e-commerce doomed to suffer due to the absence of these physical components? New research shows that the answer is a compelling “no.” Through the use of product review videos, consumers can experience a virtual FMOT, addressing many of the aspects of its physical counterpart. This presentation will highlight how product review videos create a product and package experience for online retailers and consumers previously reserved for physical stores, and the impact on consumer brand sentiments.

2:55 – 3:25PM
Capitalizing on the Creative Canvas          

Presented by:
Angela Reynar – Senior Director, B2B Insights, Yahoo!       
Brian Levine – President & Co-Founder, Innerscope Research, Inc

As technology progresses, advertisers have more ability to connect with their audiences than ever before, and online advertising spend is shifting from traditional units in traditional spaces to units that are larger and in locations advertisers never had access to before. However, advertising technology may be advancing more quickly than our understanding of how to optimize those new spaces. To alleviate this concern, Yahoo! studied several new creative canvases that help planners and developers more effectively reach their target consumers, and partnered with Innerscope Research on an eye tracking, biometric, and self-report study to determine the interaction between creative advertising elements and these new canvases.

The research offers an inside look at unconscious consumer reaction to the creative, enabling advertisers to maximize creative element positioning. This presentation will provide clear and engaging visual examples that illustrate how each creative decision changes the visual, emotional, and cognitive impact of the advertising, while showing how to optimize an execution to maximize its potential in each area.

3:30 – 4:00PM
Special Presentation: Ogilvy Awards Case Study
Emotional Chicken: How KFC Reclaimed Sundays

Presented by:
Kevin Hartman – SVP, Director of Customer Intelligence, Draftfcb

KFC has the fortune of being one of America’s most iconic brands, yet declining sales indicated that it was slipping out of mind for today’s world. While competitors introduced new items that were designed for the modern on-the-go lifestyle, KFC was perceived as the opposite—a classic food eaten when slowing the pace and sitting down. But by boldly embracing these qualities the brand made a unique claim on a day of the week that research proved to be the time consumers simply want to slow down: Sunday.



12:35 – 1:05PM
Advertising Breakthrough: Measure and Leverage Online Campaign Breakthrough to Improve Performance

Presented by:
Scott McKinley – Executive Vice President, Advertising Effectiveness, Nielsen
Lindsay Fordham – Director, Product Leadership, Nielsen

The media landscape—and consumer behavior across that landscape—has changed so quickly that traditional approaches of measuring cross-platform brand advertising have failed to keep up. Newcomers offer specialized solutions to address the challenges of each new medium/platform, but the result has been an increased fragmentation of methods and metrics, preventing the marketer from managing investments holistically. An accurate, reliable, and scalable solution is needed to provide visibility, accountability, and control of the advertising investment. Nielsen has developed standard methodology and metrics to measure the effectiveness of brand advertising by any medium, format, or creative, so marketers can use the data to improve in‐flight campaign performance, post‐campaign ROI, and media planning.

This presentation will explore this new approach to cross-platform measurement, and show how comparable effectiveness data can improve campaign ROI, as well as how accountability for advertising investments can change the marketing function.

1:10 – 1:40PM
New Developments in WOM Advocacy

Presented by:
Rijn Vogelaar – CEO, Blauw Research
Arne van de Wijdeven – Director, Customer Advocacy and NPS, Philips

Rijn Vogelaar of Blauw Research NL and Arne van de Wijdeven of Philips have teamed up to share their experiences in the definition, understanding, and engagement of the ultimate brand advocate: The Superpromoter. Superpromoters are not only enthusiastic about brands, they share this enthusiasm and have influence over their social network. Representing 5 – 10% of the population, Superpromoters have considerable influence over the remaining 90 – 95% and can be hugely effective in stimulating product trial and brand switching. Rijn has set out the theory in his book The Superpromoter and Arne has been putting the theory into practice within the Philips organization.

1:45 – 2:15PM
The True Cost of the Least Cost Solution

Presented by:
Jessica Smith – Vice President, Offline Services, Survey Sampling International
Ed Carroll – Sales Director, Survey Sampling International

Researchers are rightly concerned about any types of bias in their surveys. In this session, Jessica Smith and Ed Carroll examine the major biases arising from frame selection—landline, cell phone and online—by comparing the same data set across different modes. In addition, they will be reporting on modal uses, social desirability bias, acquiescence,  and pure mode effects. By substituting low cost interviews (online) with high cost ones (telephone), we hope to demonstrate that a good trade off can be made that minimizes mode bias whilst at the same time maximizing frame coverage. Evidence will be presented across multiple survey subjects, from everyday behaviors through customer satisfaction, technology  adoption, and social attitudes. Attendees should come away with a  good working knowledge of how their research projects might fare if shifted to a lower cost methodology, plus ideas for how to analyze and look for bias.

2:20 – 2:50PM
New Models of Marketing Effectiveness

Presented by:
Kate Cox – Head of Integration and Orchestration, MPG Media Contacts
John Crowther – Managing Partner, Creston Unlimited

Proving Coca Cola's new "Liquid and Linked" strategy, Liquid and Linked was launched to the global marketing community at Cannes in 2011. It is Coca Cola's response to dealing with marketing integration in the digital age. This groundbreaking research from the UK's IPA Databank puts the central tenets of Liquid and Linked to the test across hundreds of different case studies held within the IPA Effectiveness Awards vast database, providing concrete evidence to prove (or disprove) Coca Cola's theory. In this presentation we will also share the most effective ways of integrating, or orchestrating, communication channels for specific marketing objectives, providing a practical guide for marketers to this complex issue.

2:55 – 3:25PM
TV Ad Targeting and ROI Optimization

Presented by:
Brendan Kitts – Vice President of Analytics, PrecisionDemand

Television is one of the most powerful forms of advertising available to marketers, capturing $65 billion in advertising sales in 2009 compared to the internet’s $23 billion. Television watching time increased through 2010, putting it at the highest point ever. Unfortunately, television is also one of the most challenging mediums to measure and optimize. When people see television ads and then purchase at a retail store on the web, the television exposure is almost never recorded. This talk will describe how to design instrumentation for cross-channel marketing across web, retail, and telesales. These methods can be used today to manage television and web to achieve maximum effects.