Re:think 2009 Program

Re:think 2009 Program

Tuesday, March 31 | Wednesday, April 1

Monday, March 30

Day 1: Research Transformation – The Necessary Future






The Gauntlet

A panel of leading advertisers will deliver an RFP to the industry: “Research as we know it will be on life support by 2012”. Deliver forward-focused insights or risk being marginalized or eliminated. This advertiser smackdown will emphasize what advertisers need from research to deliver in order to remain relevant.

MODERATOR: Joel Rubinson – Chief Research Officer, The ARF

Donna Goldfarb – Vice President of Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever Americas
Susan Wagner – Vice President, Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson Global Consumer Companies
Stephen Kim – Senior Director, Microsoft Advertising
Colleen Fahey Rush – Executive Vice President, Research, MTV Networks


Can Research Catch the Consumer?

Susan Wagner, Johnson & Johnson, will kick off this session by discussing the reality that “the consumer is at least two years ahead of research.” Scientists will illustrate this reality and explain what research needs to do to catch up – if it can catch up and how.

MODERATOR: Susan Wagner – Vice President, Global Strategic Insights, Johnson & Johnson Global Consumer Companies

Dr. Bob Deutsch – Founder, Brain Sells
Dr. Nathan Berg – Associate Professor of Economics, University of Texas, Dallas
Dr. Drew Westen – Co-Founder,, LLC, and Professor, Emory University




The Research Industry Vision

Pre-eminent research industry leaders will respond to the Advertiser RFP and articulate their strategies to respond to research transformation over the next five years.This will be followed by an “Oval Table” discussion moderated by Donna Goldfarb, Unilever Americas.

MODERATOR: Donna Goldfarb – Vice President of Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever Americas

David Calhoun – Executive Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Nielsen Company
Eric Salama – Chairman and CEO, The Kantar Group
Didier Truchot –  Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ipsos
Dr. Romesh Wadhwani – Chairman, Information Resources, Inc.


ARF EXPO: Meet the Speakers and The 2009 ARF Board of Directors



Learn about new ideas and technologies emerging in research during our special 30-minute Research Presentations.

The Ad Tracking That Should Replace GRPS
'09 Super Bowl results demonstrate the tracking's cost effective measures. Did they notice it, remember who it was for, and were they more likely to buy? The same critical measures are provided for ads in any media, making it the affordable single-source answer to marketing mix questions.
Don Bruzzone – President, Bruzzone Research Company
Paul Shellenberg – Sales Director, Bruzzone Research Company

Survival of the Fittest: Measuring and Maximizing Brand Engagement in the Toughest Economic Climate in Decades
Discuss how the realities of today’s economic climate impact traditional forms of brand and marketing measurement. How new approaches to old problems will support brand growth in the current economic storm. Plus, an assessment of how the brand relationship to consumers has changed, based on analysis of some of the World’s largest brands.
Duncan Houldsworth – Global Head of Marketing Analytics , Hall & Partners

Qualitative 2.0: Speed, Reach and Richness
In the current environment, researchers need to move faster and more cost effectively, yet still produce rich insights to fuel powerful creative and quickly evaluate campaigns. Real world case studies will demonstrate how to apply innovative technology and techniques to dramatically accelerate qualitative research.
Steve August – CEO, Revelation

Listening-In Is In!
Listening-in is in! So is hosting, posting, sharing and building. The way we engage respondents is changing fast.  How do marketers leverage social networking behaviors and online research communities for deeper, richer insights relative to traditional methodologies? In this session explore the 'how to's' of building an online research community, the keys to making it work and how marketers should think about their approach.
Leslie Warshaw – Senior Vice President, Panels & Communities, Nelson Sofres Taylor (TNS)

The Influence of News on Advertising Effectiveness
The news has significantly more impact on overall communications effectiveness and ROI than previously considered.  View new data integrating paid media and news coverage that illustrates the powerful interrelationships between news and advertising.  This perspective yields better correlation to business outcomes. Learn why managing the communications process from a single integrated platform will likely be the standard in the near future.
Gary Getto – VP Integrated Media Intelligence, VMS



Success without Solutions

Bob Johansen – Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future
What external future forces will affect advertising research as it transforms over the next ten years? Futurist, Bob Johansen, a ten-year forecaster at the Institute for the Future—the only futures group ever to outlive its forecasts— will provide a taste of those forces through a series of digital “what if” stories from the future. Bob is a social scientist by training, with a continuing interest in world religions and faith. He is the author of Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present, which all the attendees will receive.


ARF EXPO: Dessert Break, Meet Bob Johansen and The 2009 ARF Board of  Directors



Learn about new ideas and technologies emerging in research during our special one-hour Research Presentations.

Just Ask
Just ask... an often neglected concept in audience measurement. Online survey research, when done cleverly and with care, can yield deep, actionable insights about website visitors that cannot be obtained from other sources. From attitudes to interests, brand awareness to product preferences. It's simple, just ask.
John Martin – President, CEO, Crowd Science

Maximizing the Value of Your Digital Media Measurement Strategies
The nation’s most revered digital advertising experts discuss the best ways to measure, reach and engage online audiences, the virtues of today’s current tool set and ideas about the future of audience measurement. Find out how your approach stacks up!
Scott Knoll – VP and GM, Datran Media’s Aperture Product Group
Theresa LaMontagne – Senior Vice President and Director of Data Analytics and Insights, Carat
Julie Coulton – Senior Vice President and Director of Digital Media, Mullen
Andrew Goldman – Vice President and Group Planning Director/solutions lead, RAPP
Ian Thomas – Director, Yield BI Product Management, Microsoft

Linking Consumer Data to Business Metrics that Matter
To successfully establish a new brand or revitalize a lagging brand, marketers rely on the power of consumer-relevant brand positioning. Review a data-driven, highly analytic approach pioneered by GfK for identifying the strongest communication platform for a brand and for providing clear and detailed direction on how to optimize supporting creative executions.
David Krajicek, Ph.D. – Executive Vice President, GfK Custom Research North America, GfK Brand & Communications

The Influence of News on Advertising Effectiveness
The news has significantly more impact on overall communications effectiveness and ROI than previously considered.  We’ll present new data integrating paid media and news coverage that illustrates the powerful interrelationships between news and advertising. This view of data yields better correlation to business outcomes. You will learn why managing the communications process from a single integrated platform will likely be the standard in the near future.
Gary Getto – VP Integrated Media Intelligence, VMS

New Sustainable Consumerism: Using Social Media to Gain Insight into Shifting Green Attitudes
The consumer sentiment toward sustainability has shifted drastically over the past two years and brands that are cognizant of this shift can capitalize on the everyday changes that consumers are making. Market research mined from millions of social media conversations depicts how consumers are responding to the green revolution. How consumer attitudes have shifted over the past two years from skepticism to acceptance to activism. And, how a breakthrough approach called Tribe Analysis was applied to this research methodology to provide a deeper understanding of consumer motivation, behavior and psychographics.
Janet Eden-Harris – Vice President, J.D. Power Web Intelligence



Learn about new ideas and technologies emerging in research during our special Research Presentation.

MillenniAdults – The Experience Generation – Aspirations & Hard Choices
Millennials are the most diverse generation in American history. In the summer and fall of 2008, Sachs Insights conducted and videotaped in-home ethnographies across the U.S. with 100+ respondents 22-28 years of age. This one-hour presentation explores MillenniAdults aspirations and life choices as they balance a desire to experience life now with the realities of a changing and challenging financial landscape.
Robert Miner – President, Sachs Insights

Maximizing the Value of Your Digital Media Measurement Strategies
The nation’s most revered digital advertising experts discuss the best ways to measure, reach and engage online audiences, the virtues of today’s current tool set and ideas about the future of audience measurement. Find out how your approach stacks up!
Scott Knoll – VP and GM, Datran Media’s Aperture Product Group
Theresa LaMontagne – Senior Vice President and Director of Data Analytics and Insights, Carat
Julie Coulton – Senior Vice President and Director of Digital Media, Mullen
Andrew Goldman – Vice President and Group Planning Director/solutions lead, RAPP
Ian Thomas – Director, Yield BI Product Management, Microsoft



Learn about new ideas and technologies emerging in research during our special 30-minute Research Presentations.

Research in the Age of Convergence: How Next Generation Survey Methods are Changing the Face of Research Today
This session will give an overview of emerging mobile and social networking survey methods. Along with covering basics about mobile marketing and social networking sites, this session will show how content is driving the adoption of new mobile and social networking services, and cover case studies that detail how marketers are already implementing mobile and social networking marketing strategies.
Kristin Luck – President, Decipher

Marketing Activity, Blogging and Sales
Measuring and managing word-of-mouth communication is of growing interest to managers as a key predictor of a product’s performance and enhancement to product sales. Blogging is an important component of online word-of-mouth activitity. However, little is known about the relationship between firm controlled marketing activity and the volume and valence of blogging activity. This research investigates firms’ advertising as antecedents of the blogging activity, and then examines the role of blogs in forecasting sales volumes.
Hiroshi Onishi – Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Panel Excellence – What Does This Mean?
Panel quality continues to be a critical priority for online panel companies, research agencies, and end clients. This presentation focuses on how to achieve Panel Excellence using the specific approaches taken by Research Now, encompassing the key areas of panelist recruitment, membership, utilization, and participation.
Charles Pearson – Senior Vice President, Panel Excellence, Research Now

So You're Listening. Now What?
This talk proposes that listening is only half the battle. More and more, consumers expect a direct and prompt response to their comments and criticism. They want to know they are being heard and more importantly, feel that they are having an effect. Social media has created new opportunities to create and participate in these conversations. Join the discussion on methods of listening in social media and how best to engage consumers in a direct dialogue to achieve your goals.
Katie Bessiere – Director of Client Services and Strategy, Ripple6


ARF EXPO: Learning Zones and Showcase Rooms



"The Media, The Consumer, The Economy"

How do news reports about policy and the economy affect consumer confidence?. How does this information directly or indirectly affect their purchasing and entertainment decisions?  Consumer sentiment is a chain whose links include messages, media, audiences, confidence, spending and saving. The Nielsen Company’s broad demographic, media, and consumer databases provide weekly and daily insight into the correlation and drivers among these links.  

Paul Donato – EVP Chief Research Officer, The Nielsen Company  
Karen E. Watson – Managing Director Government & Public Sector Sales, The Nielsen Company
Jonathan Carson – President Nielsen Online International, The Nielsen Company
James Russo – VP of Marketing, The Nielsen Company
Alex Cotter – Associate Manager Global Financial Services, The Nielsen Company



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Tuesday, March 31

Day 2: 360° Media and Marketing – The New Lens is Human






A Platform Called Television.

What’s the future of television? The potential of advanced advertising technologies? Just as technology has enabled consumers to choose how, when and where they engage with media, it is enhancing interactivity and expanding addressability for all media, especially television. We have never lived in a time where we have had the technology and infrastructure to put an ad in front of people most likely to be interested in the message. We are moving to the era of advertising only to the interested. Television is about to change from a TV set to the platform we call television. Hear from media wunderkind David Verklin, Canoe Ventures CEO, about the changes coming to TV.

SPEAKER: David Verklin – CEO, Canoe Ventures


Eight Lessons on Coping with the Transformed Media World

NBC achieved more than record ratings during the 2008 Olympics, they acquired ground-breaking consumer-centered learning from their multiplatform programming. Alan Wurtzel, NBCU Research President, shares their findings from “The Billion Dollar Research Lab”.

SPEAKER: Alan Wurtzel – President, Research & Media Development, NBC Universal


Putting Humans at the Center of the Process

Sunil Garga of Mphasize LLC hosts a panel of world-class intellects providing new perspectives on what it means to put the human at the center of marketing and how to do it. These thought leaders will guide advertisers on how to sort out their challenges and highlight the value of human centric marketing.

MODERATOR: Sunil Garga – Principal, Mphasize LLC

Mark Earls – HERDmeister, Herd Consultancy
Grant McCracken – Research Affiliate, C3, MIT
Mary Ann Packo – CEO, Millward Brown North America
Michael Perman – Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Consumer Relations, Levi Strauss & Co.


ARF EXPO: Meet the Speakers



Inspiration, not Information

Eric Salama – CEO, The Kantar Group
Aziz Cami – Creative Director, The Kantar Group

Today’s clients are awash with information. But much of it is generic and too little of it results in insights that actually inspire businesses to new solutions or behaviors.

While quality data remains a vital component in the search for actionable insights, many of the traditional ways of processing and presenting it are in need of a radical, creatively-led rethink.

Kantar CEO Eric Salama and Creative Director Aziz Cami will aim to inspire you with a variety of creative approaches to information – where to look for it, how best to collect it and how to present it in ways that inspire clients to ever better decisions.

Don't Drown in Data. Act with Insights. (And Fast).

Scott Spencer – Group Product Manager, Google
Tracy Chan – Product Manager, YouTube
Wayne Lin – Business Product Manager, Google

The curse of online advertising: it's the most measurable medium, but there's such an explosion of data that gleaning insight from that data can be extremely difficult. Analyzing vast amounts of data, organizing it, and making it actionable is Google's strength and the core of our business.

Join us for a session to discover some of the tools that not only give you access to tremendous amounts of data, but that easily allow you to extract insights and respond very quickly and efficiently. See how this especially applies to our work in support of the planning, executing, and measuring of online display advertising. The combination of data, insights, and speed allows a mind shift in how advertising is done – taking it from the "set it and forget it" mentality of yesterday to the constant refinement and confidence of today.



Humans and the Economic Crisis – Marketing with Understanding

Jerry Zaltman – Founding Partner Olson Zaltman Associates and Professor Emeritus Harvard Business School
At this life-changing, game-changing moment of economic turmoil, it’s more important than ever to connect with consumers on a human level. Those who “get it” stand to reap the benefits. Zaltman’s new study, “U.S. Economy and Its Impact on Americans” digs beneath the poll statistics into the consumer psyche for the deep metaphors and emotional drivers impacting consumer behavior today.


ARF EXPO: Learning Zones and Showcase Rooms, Meet the Speakers and Dessert Break



Learn about new ideas and technologies emerging in research during our special 30-minute Research Presentations.

The Digital Path to Purchase
Shopper marketing at the point-of-purchase and along the path-to-purchase is going digital. Digital out-of-home media is now a critical factor in the 360 degree marketing mix. Join ADCENTRICITY, North America’s foremost digital out-of-home media strategy firm for a complete learning session. Explore the trends, effects and measurement landscape of this new media.
Graeme Spicer – VP Strategic Partnerships, ADCENTRICITY Inc.

Why People Fast Forward & What You Can Do About It:
Innerscope's Emotional Engagement Results Predict TiVo Viewership and Offer Solutions for Retaining Viewers

Innerscope Research and TiVo Inc. collaborated to gain deeper insights into audience viewership and retention. After testing multiple shows and multiple channels, the two companies found that audience emotional engagement to commercials (measured by Innerscope) predicted whether a large panel of people fast forwarded or changed the channel (measured by TiVo).
Dr. Carl Marci – CEO and Co-Founder, Innerscope Research
Todd Juenger – VP & GM, Audience Research Management, TiVo, Inc.

Buzz Word
Join Ipsos ASI for a quick showcase of new innovations you're sure to be talking about. Dive into a new web scanning tool that monitors the volume of your brand "buzz" and places the details of the actual conversations taking place across the entire Internet at your fingertips. Then, discover a new tool that leverages consumer mix modeling to create an actionable, user-friendly media mix simulator (covering all touchpoints, paid and unpaid) to help drive your strategy and optimize your efforts.
John Hallward – President, Global Product Development, Ipsos ASI

Everything you need to know about marketing you can learn on Match.Com
Imagine you've just met an attractive stranger. Your first words probably won’t be "I went Oxford, I'm my company's top sales rep, these shoes are genuine alligator and people say my only flaw is that I'm just too giving." At least not if you want a relationship that outlasts those first words But marketers take this approach all the time by basing communications on what's great about their products, rather than demonstrating an understanding of customers' real emotional needs. This presentation will show you ways to discover and tap the right emotions and how to convey that understanding effectively to people you work with (whether they sell baby food, networking hardware, perfume, financial services or electro-galvanized steel.

Custom Analysis and Reporting Automation
Online campaigns are a rich source of insights but limited by resources in depth of analysis. Learn how you can take existing summarized reports from online campaigns to gain these extra insights. Once you have spent the effort to gather these insights how do you cost effectively distribute these to different members of your teams via report automation?
Jay Kulkarni – CEO, Theorem Inc.



360 Media and Marketing

Increasing Ad Impact in a Multiplatform World
Major differences in the rates at which ads are exposed and absorbed by consumers exist between media. Discover how these differences can be used to improve media allocations and significantly increase advertising impact.
Dr. Scott McDonald – Senior Vice President, Research, Condé Nast
Rebecca McPheters – CEO, McPheters & Company
David F. Poltrack – Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation, and President, CBS Vision

Innovative Measurement of Multiplatform Audiences
Learn how NBC used its "Billion Dollar Olympics Media Lab" to develop a single-source measurement of the multiplatform audience. The methodology used can be easily adapted by any media stakeholder.
David C. Tice – VP and Group Account Director, Media Team, Knowledge Networks
Horst Stipp – SVP, Primary and Strategic Research, NBC Universal

Building an Effective Cross Media Strategy using Agent-Based Modeling
Learn how the world’s most respected advertisers use an iterative process to capture cross-media effects and paint a 360 degree picture of collective media impact.
Damon Ragusa – Founder & CEO, ThinkVine Corporation
Rafael Alcaraz, Ph.D. – Director of Advanced Analytics, The Hershey Company


Measuring the Effects of Social Network Advertising
Social networks allow advertisers to reach a targeted and engaged audience. Learn how advertising on these networks improves brand awareness and favorability, drives offline sales and delivers ROI.
Heidi Browning – SVP, Client Solutions, MySpace
Erin Hunter – EVP, comScore, Inc

How Does Advertising Really Work in the Digital Age? It Depends!
There is no single "new model" of how advertising works today. Rather there are four, each with a central challenge and opportunity, says an innovative study of 150 product categories.
Carol Foley – EVP, Director of Research Services, Leo Burnett Co. Inc.
John Greene – SVP, Director of Market Strategy, Leo Burnett Co. Inc.
Melinda Cultra – VP Research Director, Leo Burnett Co. Inc.

Funnel-Vision: Enhancing the Media Allocation Model to Improve ROI.
Learn about a new allocation model based on media usage, media synergy and media influence to assure ROI going forward, not backward.
Martin Block – Professor, Northwestern University

Impact of the Digital Age

Reloading the Magazine: Making Print Work in the Digital World
Many believe that the Internet has replaced print as the main repository of information across every category of interest. This presentation illustrates opportunities to leverage print and online in integrated media strategies.
Yaakov Kimelfeld, Ph.D. – SVP, Digital Research and Analytics, MediaVest Worldwide
David Shiffman – SVP, Connections Research and Analytics, MediaVest Worldwide
Maria Givens – Sr. Manager, Global Media, Avon

From Widgets to Websites: How to Talk to "Connected Consumers."
Razorfish presents insights, from its annual Digital Consumer Behavior Study, on how online activity, social media usage, e-commerce habits and mobile access are changing the way “connected consumers” engage online.
Garrick Schmitt – Group Vice President, Experience Planning, Razorfish
Shiv Singh – VP and Global Social Media Lead, Razorfish

Can Search Build Brands?
Google and MetrixLab share innovative research cases to understand the multimedia impact and efficiency of paid search on brand and purchase metrics.
Angela O'Connell – Head of Cross Media Research Europe, Google
Lucas Hulsebos – Media Research Director, MetrixLab


"You Can Observe A Lot Just By Watching": ESPN Studies Sports Cross-Media Consumption
ESPN’s vanguard study uses proven observational techniques to gain insights on how young male fans consume sports media across multiple platforms.
Artie Bulgrin – Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics, ESPN
Michael Bloxham – Director, Insight and Research, Center for Media Design, Ball State University

"Programs" do Affect Ad Engagement
Using neuroscience, Nine Network Australia isolates and quantifies the role that the program plays in generating ad break memory. Find out how to adapt this learning to any medium.
Steve Weaver – Network Research Director, Nine Network Australia

Make Sure your Ads Connect Emotionally
The key to great advertising is the emotional connection. Learn about new tools advertisers are using to increase the certainty of connection.
Jo-Ann Osipow – Senior Vice President, Synovate


Consumers Talk Offline, Too. Tune In.
WOM happens offline, too…not just online. Learn how brand marketers discover what consumers are saying offline using natural language processing software.
Dave Dugan – Senior Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships, BzzAgent
Michelle de Haaff – VP of Products and Marketing, Attensity

Meredith’s Silver Bullet: Leading with Market Knowledge and Innovation. Women are Talking. We are Listening.
“Real Women Talking” is Meredith’s private online community that provides 24/7 customer access. Learn how connecting to real women has enabled Meredith to innovate and lead by uncovering new insights for brands, building richer client relationships, and leveraging the unique power of qualitative feedback.
Britta C. Ware – Vice President of Research Solutions, Meredith Corporation
Manila Austin – Director of Research, Communispace

Enhance Advertising Effectiveness By Driving WOM.
Advertising can be a major driver of consumer conversation. Groundbreaking research reveals new insights and enhanced metrics for evaluating and improving ad performance in a word of mouth era.
Ed Keller – CEO, The Keller Fay Group
Artie Bulgrin – Senior Vice President, ESPN


Empirical generalizations in advertising: what we know, don’t know, can’t know, and should know about advertising in a changing world.

Yoram (Jerry) Wind – The Lauder Professor and Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School
An interactive session focusing on what we should know about advertising in a changing world and taking stock on what we currently know and don't know as reflected in the recent Wharton international conference on empirical generalizations in advertising.


SPECIAL LEARNING SESSION – Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)

A Shopper’s Transformation: Old Habits Dying Faster, Is Marketing Keeping Pace?

Tammy Sue, a 37 year old mother of four scans the cans of vegetables in the grocery aisle to determine price, size and quality.  A year ago, Tammy would have quickly and easily picked out three or four cans of green beans, corn and peas, tossed them in her basket and continued with her shopping.  But now shopping has become a dreadful chore – an exercise that requires increased attention to marketing messaging, advanced “deal” investigation, close price comparison, a changes in habits and sobering attitudes. 

IRI’s Thom Blischok, President of Consulting and Innovation and J.P. Beauchamp, SVP of Consumer and Shopper Insights present new, original research that reveals the attitudes, behaviors, and biases of New American Shoppers and the next generation rewiring strategies marketers must employ to survive.  The presentation will include a distinguished panel of industry thought leaders and subject matter experts in the areas of changing shopping behaviors, social media, and online marketing. 

Thom Blischok – President of Consulting and Innovation, Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)
J.P. Beauchamp – SVP of Consumer and Shopper Insights, Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)
Gian Fulgoni – Chairman, comScore
Mike Hess – Executive Vice-President, Research, Marketing Science, and Consumer Insights, Carat USA
Stu Rodnick – Senior Director, Strategic Insights, Platform-A
Janet Eden-Harris – Vice President, J.D. Power Web Intelligence



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Wednesday, April 1

Day 3: Innovative – Moving Beyond New and Different




Ghosts of the Internet: Past, Present and Future

Recently recognized as one of the ‘Creativity 50’ and dubbed  the ‘Steve Jobs of Microsoft’ by Fast Company, Gary Flake, Microsoft Technical Fellow and director of Microsoft Live Labs, will address the market research industry for the first time. Former Chief Science Officer of Overture and Founder of Yahoo! Research Labs, Dr. Flake is a longtime student of research, development and innovation best practices. At Microsoft, he works to define and evolve the company’s product vision, technical architecture, and business strategy for online services.  In this presentation, Dr. Flake will take us on a mystery tour recounting the history of the online advertising industry, showcase entirely new forms of online advertising and media, and conclude with his long-term predictions about the Internet and every industry which connects to it. His insights promise to be provocative and pot-stirring.

Dr. Gary Flake – Microsoft Technical Fellow and Founder of Microsoft Live Labs, Microsoft


Game-Changing Innovations

Hear from advertisers and their research partners about the unique methods they are employing to find their game-changers:

Deciphering Innovation Patterns to Find Tomorrow’s Opportunity Space
Developing and introducing successful innovation is still a challenge for most companies.  Often it’s because companies don’t know what will really resonate with consumers in the future.  A better model is needed - one that predicts what consumers will want tomorrow, and then identifies the relevant future opportunities. Experience how our cutting-edge approach goes beyond traditional techniques to drive more effective insights through real world examples.  Learn how disruptive innovation can be predictable, understand where a category is in its development to predict the next level of consumer needs and uncover how innovation patterns within and across categories are key to identifying future opportunities.
Barry Calpino – Senior Director of New Products, North America, Wrigley
Phil Roos – Managing Director, Arbor Strategy Group, GfK Strategic Innovation

Episodic Reconstruction: Understanding the "When" and "Where" and "How" of Consumption and Use
Existing approaches such as ethnographies or surveys generate insufficient understanding of the nature of demand and real opportunities to innovate. Episodic reconstruction is a new methodology that supercharges the innovation process. We will share our experiences in applying this method to the building of an innovation playbook for travel, automotive and financial services.
Bob O'Keefe – Managing Director, AAA Brand and Membership, AAA
Erich Joachimsthaler – Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Vivaldi Partners

Listening vs. Asking: Contrasting Consumer-Generated Content and Surveys
Online consumer conversations provide a trove of naturally-occurring consumer expression that can be mined to understand consumers’ lifestyles and needs. We will present results of an empirical investigation into how results of “listening” differ from survey findings, and suggest a beginning framework for when and how to use these respective approaches.
Kristin Bush – CMK Senior Manager, Digital Research, The Procter and Gamble Company
David Wiesenfeld – VP Marketing Solutions, Nielsen Online

An Industry Leader will talk about the contribution that consumer insights make to the innovation process; share stories of true innovation breakthroughs emanating from consumer and shopper insights and discuss organizational commitment to insights as a competitive advantage.


The Paradox of Culture 

Wojtek Szumowski – Group Director, Culture and Business Insight, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Culture is a strong, interpretative perspective that both directs ideas and limits them.  Being able to step outside your own culture provides the ability to look at what’s going on within it in a completely different way. At Crispin Porter + Bogusky, powerful creative ideas start from turning what culture wants you believe on its head. Learn from the Director of the Culture and Business Insight at AdAge’s “Agency of the Year” about what happens behind closed doors to insure powerful idea generation.


3M brand, a culture of innovation that lives across the company as a way of life.

Dean Adams – Principal Brand Strategist, LEVEL
3M brand is known for innovation around the world. Creating, reinforcing and growing a world leading innovative brand requires participation from the whole business organization.  Through processes, values, culture and relationships, 3M has been able to innovate both in the market and with internal systems to deliver the products and services the customers expect. Dean Adams, former Director of Brand Management at 3M, shares examples of the processes that bring innovations to the market for customers and internal innovation that have enabled better business management.





Digital Marketing

Making Online Ads Work Better
Online brand engagement is suffering. A comprehensive study of consumers exposed to 3000 online ads reveals how users process internet advertising, and what ad elements, formats and placements work.
Samar Das – CEO and Director of Center for Brand Research, C3Research
Allison O'Keefe Wright – Vice President, MTV Strategic Insights and Research

Can Rich Media Metrics Predict Brand Impact?
Most methods for measuring the brand impact of online display ads rely on surveys. This research shows how to use rich media metrics to predict brand impact.
Ken Mallon – SVP, Custom Solutions and Ad Effectiveness Consulting, Dynamic Logic
Rick Bruner – Head of Research, North America Sales, Google

Measuring Clutter: It Matters
Now – more than ever – measuring ad "clutter" is critical. Learn about Nielsen Online's clutter metric and its role in online media buying, planning and selling.
Jon Gibs – VP, Media Analytics, Nielsen Online

Innovating Innovation

End-to-End Insight through Integration: a Classic Formula
Unlock new insights by integrating custom studies with existing data sources. Learn about Coke's lifestyle segmentation for its worldwide beverage portfolio.
Clodagh Forde – Director, Marketing Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
Dave Patten, Ph.D – SVP, Client Service, Research International USA

Video Works Differently on TV and Online. Or So Says Neurometrics.
This research explores the differences between how people consume TV and online video ads, specifically by applying neuroscience to advertising research.
Pavan Lee – Research Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Integration of Neuro and Conventional Ad Pre-tests
This presentation introduces a way to integrate neuro explorations with conventional research. Discover how neuro-physiological reactions influence brand enhancement, product differentiation and product purchase drivers for selected global TV ad campaigns.
Dorota Reykowska – Research & Development Director, Laboratory & Co
Ewa Witkowska – Insights Director – Europe, PepsiCo
Rafal Krzysztof Ohme – Psychology Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences

Multi-Platform Accountability

Boosting Campaign Effectiveness in a Multi-Platform World
This first-time public presentation will showcase IMMI’s single source panel tracking 3-screen exposure – TV, online and mobile. A TV promotion case study will illustrate how ad effectiveness is increased with these new platforms.
Amanda Welsh – COO, IMMI
Mark Loughney – Vice President, Sales & Strategy Research, ABC TV Network

Run What Where? Engaging Multi-Generational Shoppers Across a Multi-Platform World
This study tracks the multi-media consumption of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Y/Millennials, correlating that consumption with in-market sales for two respected retail brands, Lucky and Kate Spade.
Robert Passikoff, Ph.D. – Founder & President, Brand Keys, Inc.
Karen Tillson – VP, Consumer Insight & Market Intelligence, Liz Claiborne Inc.

Storytelling in a Multi-Platform World
Information and entertainment consumption is no longer linear. People now consume stories in bits and pieces across platforms. Learn about the roles that different platforms play in storytelling, and how audiences engage with and move among platforms.
Betsy Frank – Chief Research and Insights Officer, Time Inc.
Barry Martin – Executive Director, Consumer Research and Insights, Time Inc.

Research Breakthroughs

Do Viewers Care? Understanding the impact of creative on TV viewing behavior
Google has analyzed data on the precise second-by-second tuning behavior for millions of television set-top boxes across the US. Find out what Google has learned about how viewers react to TV ads.
Dan Zigmond – Engineering Manager and Technical Lead, Google TV Ads

BP's Crystal – Segmentation that Gets USED
Discover how one of the world's most successful companies used segmentation to align and focus their business.
Lisa Gudding – Executive Vice President, GfK Custom Research North America
Rajit Chakravarty – Global Customer Insight Manager, BP plc.

Panelist Engagement: Leveraging interactivity to fight boredom in online surveys
GMI demonstrates how to conduct more engaging surveys that improve the quality of the data collected and maximize the return on research investment.
Deborah Sleep – Founder & Managing Director, Engage Research
Jon Puleston – Vice President, Interactive Group, GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)

Shopper Insights

Nielsen In-Store Shopper Insights
Retailers and manufacturers who embrace shopper marketing are growing faster than competitors. Learn about the work of Nielsen In-Store on creating a common industry metric that turns the store into a measured marketing medium.
Frank Piotrowski – SVP, Measurement Science, The Nielsen Company
George Wishart – Global Managing Director, The Nielsen Company

Measuring Persuasive Power Through Leveraging Virtual Survey Technology
Learn how virtual survey technologies that have fueled innovation in gathering shopper insights have been extended into other verticals including technology, media, advertising and healthcare.
Andrew Reid – President and Founder, Vision Critical Solutions

Women and their Digital Domain – Microsoft Shows Women.
Learn how Microsoft's Women in their Digital Domain studies show how digital media influence the consideration and shopping for packaged goods among women principal household shoppers.
Beth Uyenco – Global Research Director, Microsoft Advertising
Debbie Solomon – Managing Partner Business Planning, Mindshare Worldwide
Graceann Bennett – Managing Partner Strategic Planning, Ogilvy Chicago


GREAT MIND AWARDS – Luncheon & Program



Online Research Quality Council: Report and Reaction Panel
Bob Walker, Ph.D. – Principal & Founder, Surveys & Forecasts, LLC
Raymond Pettit, Ph.D. – SVP, Research & Standards, The ARF

Bob Walker, Surveys & Forecasts, LLC and Raymond Pettit, The ARF will present the initial results of the Foundations of Quality research project. This landmark study provides fact based insights, key metrics, and guidelines to improve online research quality. Following the presentation, a panel of Council participants will discuss the implications of the study and the industry solution scenarios that the ORQC will pursue in 2009.

Panel Discussion
MODERATOR: Mark Berry – EVP, Consumer & Business Insights, Synovate
Anne Hedde – CEO, Lightspeed Research
Efrain Ribeiro – COO, Ipsos Interactive Services, Ipsos
Dr. Tom Evans – Vice President, Audio Research & Special Projects, ESPN
Steve Oi – Sr. CIM - CIS Center of Excellence, Kraft

USA Diversity Opportunity & Panel Discussion
The Diversity Task Force is focused on the quality of research produced for multicultural consumers. They have established partnerships with a variety of research vendors to enhance existing learning, knowledge and outreach. The panel will share their findings and a vision for a new ARF Multicultural Super Council to establish the most accurate measurement of the business opportunity for multicultural marketing. This panel will be followed by multicultural marketing success stories from Bank of America, Wal-Mart, and the US Navy. The session will conclude with the announcement of the new Multicultural Super Council, including meeting dates and topics.

MODERATOR: Kevin Brockenbrough – VP/Associate Director, Account Planning, Burrell Advertising

David Burgos – VP, Multicultural Practice, Millward Brown
Anita Lai – Director of Research, UniWorld Group, Inc.
Issac Mizrahi – Multicultural Expert
Don Williams – President, HarVal

Advertising in Recessionary Times: What you need to know, and what you can do.
I. What Do We Know about Advertising in a Recession?
Gerard J. Tellis, Ph.D. – Professor of Marketing, Director of the Center for Global Innovation, and Neely Chair of American Enterprise – Marshall School of Business, USC
There have been countless articles about the effectiveness of advertising in a recession, including much conflicting advice. Professor Gerard Tellis, reviews the findings from 40 major research studies, integrating and synthesizing them into a set of key learnings. Drawing on the evidence from 21 recessions in the past century and 37 countries, hear about the response of advertising to economic expansions and contractions, the effect on sales, market share and profitability, and why most advice on advertising in a recession is flawed. This presentation is based on a major research study, co-authored by Kethan Tellis, which will be published in the Journal of Advertising Research in the Fall.

II. 7 Recommendations for Marketers To Succeed (best you can) in a Recession
Rex Briggs – CEO, Martketing Evolution
What should marketers do in a recession? Marketing ROI Expert Rex Briggs will present 7 wise moves for marketers to make in a recession from his recently published thought leading whitepaper.  Based on the world’s most broadly validated cross-media measurement methodology, and billions of dollars in spending, Mr. Briggs draws insights from the data, and his experience to argue what marketers can and must do to be effective in the current economic climate. 

The ARF Shopper Insights Initiative
Why are ARF members interested in shopper insights? Understanding the shopper experience is a critical part of true integrated marketing which will dramatically improve the flow of marketing spending as marketers, retailers and agency partners learn how to bring value to people via the shopping processes and experiences they engage in. Learn how both marketers and retailers can work together with a common purpose – to better understand and serve their consumers/shoppers.

I. The ARF Shopper Insights mission
Joel Rubinson – Chief Research Officer, The ARF

II. Defining the Power and the Importance of Shopper Insights Research
Michael Twitty – Director, Shopper Insights, Unilever Americas

III. Linking Virtual Shopping to Actual Purchase Data
Staci Covkin – Senior Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insights, Information Resources, Inc (IRI)

The Video Consumer Mapping Study
The Video Consumer Mapping Study is the largest and most significant observational study of media activity ever undertaken.  It is the first known source to document consumers’ media behavior across various screen media from a single sample, and to identify sole media use versus media multitasking.

The year-long, $3.5 million study confirms earlier research, but challenges a number of widely held beliefs:

  • Which age group consumes the most screen time during their waking day?
  • Who does the most media multitasking?
  • Are younger viewers really shifting away from traditional TV toward online video?
  • Which medium, TV, Computers, Print, or Audio, has the highest percentage of time spent as the sole medium being used?  How does Live TV compare to the DVR playback, computer video, and mobile video?
  • How much commercial time are TV viewers exposed to in a typical day?
  • What impact does acquiring HDTV have on overall television usage?

The study was commissioned by the Council for Research Excellence (CRE), a Nielsen funded, but completely independent industry think tank, consisting of roughly 40 of the top senior research executives in the industry, and conducted by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design and Sequent Partners.

Craig Gugel - SVP, Media Analytics, The ARF
Mike Hess - EVP, Research, Marketing Science & Consumer Insights, Carat

Mike Bloxham – Director, Insight & Research, Center for Media Design Ball State University
Bill Moult – Founding Partner Sequent Partners
Mike Pardee – SVP, Research, Scripps Networks
Noreen Simmons – Director of Media Strategy & Operations, Unilever
Jim Spaeth – Founding Partner Sequent Partners



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