Re:think 2008 Program

Monday, March 31

Day 1 – Re:think Digital Strategies



Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor


Welcoming Remarks

Bob Barocci – President & CEO, The ARF
Introduction from the Convention Co-Chair

Gian Fulgoni – Chairman, comScore Inc.

Re:think Digital Strategies

Media connects with consumers today in many-layered touchpoints. As brands go cross-platform, how can they get clear direction and find their way to sales success? Hear from two of the top thinkers about media and digital strategies. Learn how to optimize, maximize, and monetize your way through the glut of digital options and create a winning game plan for your business.

Alan Wurtzel – President, Research & Media Development, NBC Universal
Wurtzel will share his thoughts on consumer insights driving the company’s fast-moving strategic initiatives. Hear how NBC is leveraging their brands into video-games, mobile, consumer electronics, and new online video venture to keep ahead of global digital trends.

Sean R. H. Bratches – EVP Sales & Marketing, ESPN
With responsibility for affiliate distribution, licensing, marketing, ad sales, broadband, VOD, subscription, interactive TV, HDTV, pay-per-view, Spanish-language, syndication, and special events for ESPN and other Disney network content, Bratches faces the strategic challenge of managing multiple online and offline priorities. Hear how research and a deep knowledge of consumers has given ESPN the vital link for cross-platform success.

Carla Hendra – Chairman, Ogilvy New York; Co-CEO, Ogilvy North America
In January, according to Ad Age, "in front of 1300 staffers, Carla ruled that the 60-year-old agency would now be in a 'perpetual beta,' a state of permanent change to meet the challenges faced by large agencies: how to reinvent the agency to compete in an increasingly media-neutral world, while still delivering brilliant ideas on a global scale." Carla will tell us how Ogilvy is going about this important task by "thinking small."

Holistic, Integrated, Media Neutral: Redefining the Agency of the Future

In this marketplace of multi-screened, super-connected-consumers and rapidly evolving media, ad agencies are taking on new roles to help clients meet the digital challenge. These ad leaders will discuss new “media-agnostic” business models and explore the paradigm shifts they see molding the agency of the future.

MODERATOR: Bob Barocci – President & CEO, The ARF

Heidi Dangelmaier – Co-Founder, 3iying
Johnny Vulkan – Partner,  Anomaly
Paul Woolmington – Co-Founder, Naked Communications



Meet the Speakers & Panelists at the ARF Booth in the Expo



Forum 1 – Fortify Your ROI

MODERATOR: Rafael Alcarez – Strategic Modeling Manager, MBI Trade & Analytical Services, Miller Brewing Company

Excellent ROI metrics can be used to assess both long term and short term business options. Hear from these top researchers and marketers about how ROI is wielded as a strategic management tool – to drive brand health, to better manage risk as media options swiftly evolve, and to evaluate if the big bucks spent on global marketing are worth it.

Measuring Long-Term ROI: Brand Health Metrics as Lead Indicators of Sales
Learn how Motorola was able to quantify the impact of its varied marketing investments, assess brand health for the long term, and get senior management to understand true ROI, in an analysis that won top level support for a consistent, on-going brand strategy.

Satya Menon – VP, Marketing Science, Millward Brown
Mark Anthony Stephens – Senior Manager, Motorola Mobile Devices Business

The Risky Business of MarCom Innovation: Managing Risk by Placing Strategic Bets
How can you cope with a rapidly changing media landscape? Do you invest your marketing dollars in IPTV, location based mobile options, gaming, Second Life and whatever new comes up? Coca-Cola has put together a strategic framework that marketers can use to assess risk, build a portfolio of actions to match future scenarios, and “buy options” to prepare for the unexpected to develop. Learn about a new, successful way to plan for life’s uncertainties!           

Shubu Mitra – Director, Marketing Communications Effectiveness, The Coca-Cola Company

Building the Case for Olympic Sponsorship: An Innovative Approach to ROI
Brand managers who include event sponsorship in their marketing mix often face a daunting challenge –justifying the ROI involved in the program. In looking at the opportunities surrounding the 2008 Olympics, Millward Brown created a new model for measuring ROI that expands beyond earlier analyses. Through innovative research, mixing financial models, the relative value of brands, and calculated returns generated from sponsorship investments, these authors have developed a new way to analyze ROI and meet this challenge.

Ove Haxthausen – VP, Millward Brown
Joanna Seddon – EVP, Millward Brown

Forum 2 – Sort Out Your Metrics

MODERATOR: Tom Evans – VP, Digital & Cross Media Research, ESPN

If the consumer is really driving marketing these days, what does that mean for your metrics? And do you have to use the same metrics for different ad campaigns that have different goals? Learn how new metrics can give you a better handle on your progress towards what you want to accomplish. Find out how old metrics are related to each other. Your best insights might be revealed when metrics collide.

Consumer-Constructed Story Trails: Maximize Time with Your Brand Across Platforms
Today’s consumer is in control of their media and constructing their own brand stories, as their touch points with your brand move from Word of Mouth conversations to internet to TV to video interactions and more. This presentation will discuss how you can experiment with communication options and build a “stickier” story, one that brings together the greatest total audience, keeps their attention, and builds a lasting trail that your customers will continue to follow for the long run.

Barry Feinberg – Group Managing Director, GfK Media & Communications, GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media
Gregg H. Liebman– SVP, Ad Sales Research, CNN

The Intersection of Brand and Direct Response
New ways this leading digital marketing technology services firm is helping clients measure the intersection of brand and response will be addressed. One is a new means for advertisers to correlate individual features within rich media creatives to campaign ROI objectives. Another is an advanced model for quantifying the "view-through effect" on conversion objectives in the absence of click-throughs on web display ads by using an experimental design to compare control and exposed audience segments of a web ad campaign.

Rick Bruner – Director of Research and Industry Relations, DoubleClick
Jai Singh – Research Manager, DoubleClick

Mingle-Source Measurement: Finding Unified Meaning in a Fragmented Research Environment
Researchers are often asked to piece together a holistic brand view from scattered sources, mixing and matching numbers from Nielsen, set top box data, IAG, Simmons, and more. How compatible are these divergent sources? How do the pieces fit together? This presentation will show the results of several investigations into the relationship between these varied metrics, so that you can put the pieces together and get perspective on your brand.

Robin Garfield – VP, Sales Research & Strategy, Scripps Networks
Bruce Tyroler – VP, Research Analytics, Scripps Networks

Forum 3 – Emotional Engagement: What Works?

MODERATOR: Coleen Kuehn – EVP, Chief Strategist, MPG

Consumers can get engaged with advertising and brands in a variety of ways. But what delivers the sales success that your really want to see? Three views of engagement are explored to help you fine tune your marketing efforts. Should you put your money in TV, online or just come up with content?

The Emotional Power of Effie vs. Cannes Ads: Bio-Sensing and Creativity
Are the top “creative” advertisements different in pattern, with respect to emotion and engagement, versus Effie ads, which have proven marketplace effectiveness? What can we learn about the response patterns to both sets of ads and what do they share in common? These speakers will examine the issue of what drives award winning advertising, while comparing and contrasting the results of these two types of ads, so that you know what to do for your next campaign.

Tim Hong – VP, Operations, EmSense Corporation
Elissa Moses – Chief Analytics Officer, Emsense Corporation

Lost in Translation? Moving Your Campaign between Offline and Online Worlds
The trend in internet advertising today frequently involves moving ads created for television to the online world. These speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in that transfer and diagnose the potential break down of communications. Use this knowledge to improve the bonds between your brand and your customers in both worlds.

Marianne Foley – SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Harris Interactive
Kevin Kells – Industry Development Director, Consumer Packaged Goods, Google

Social Media’s “Passion Net:” How to Include Content-Engaged Consumers in Your Media Plan
You can tap the consumers that are actively and passionately interested in your brand. Based on new ethnographies and quantitative findings, this presentation provides a taxonomy of the stages of consumer interaction with brand-related content. Learn behavior-based methods to identify content creators/disseminators in your customer base and see how you can make the “passion net” part of your next campaign’s media plan.

Edwin Wong – Director & CIO, Customer Insights Organization, Yahoo!
Yaakov Kimelfeld – VP, Digital Research & Analytics Director, MediaVest Worldwide

Forum 4 – From Good to Great Research

MODERATOR: Jeff Todder – SVP, Director of Advertising Analytics, Citi Brands

There are new dangers in conducting research today. How do you come up with data and insights that are valid, verifiable, affordable and timely too? What can you do differently (with the resources you have) to get the data you need for business success? Find out about new, immediately-useful techniques from these experts suggest “do this; but don’t do that.”

Measuring What Matters Most: Monitoring Brand Vitality to Set the Direction for Growth
Two years ago Cisco was at a crossroads. It was well-known, admired and expanding. However, Cisco wanted to build its influence among new audiences and position the brand for rapid growth. It had reams of data but none indicated what to do next. By focusing on “relevant space” these speakers devised a new method to reuse old data and quickly assess brand health, detect relevant new opportunities, and put the customer in the driver’s seat for steering Cisco towards brand growth.

Bryan Maach – VP, Marketing Research & Analysis, Cisco Systems
Dennis Murphy – VP, Technology Practice, Directions Research

Online Sampling – What's the Catch? Comparing River Respondents to Panelists
How do you get the best consumer sample and most valid research results the fastest for your brand? This study will closely compare “river respondents” (continuously fished from the flow of consumers online) to online panelists. Who are they? How/when do they take surveys and why do they do it? Who provides “the truth” and what makes these groups the same, or different? This just-completed study will reveal important findings about these two sample sources, so that you can decide.

Marjette Stark – SVP, DMS Research
Denise Brien – Senior Research Manager, DMS Research

Driver Analysis Roadbumps: How Heuristics, Targeted Bootstrapping, and Other Approaches Outperform Driver Analysis
Implicit in the approach of most research is that the consumer is rational and that respondents will answer our questions honestly, if we just ask them in the right way. But this is not usually the case. Respondents optimize and “satisfice” their answers, while researchers may seek causality where none exists. This paper will explore alternative approaches to research that have a better chance of measuring what we are really thinking, given recent findings on how the human mind works.

Butch Rice – Consultant, TNS Customer Equity Company

Forum 5 – How to Round Up Great Respondents

MODERATOR: John Willard, Director, Market Research & Consumer Relations, Bayer Consumer Care Division

Face it – fewer consumers want to talk to you. They rarely like being interrupted and they don’t want to answer your darn questions…or do they? Perhaps there are new ways to capture their interest. Here are insights you can take home today and use in your research tomorrow to recruit the top-quality respondents you need for immediate decision-making.

You Had Me at “Hello” - The Respondent Cooperation Playbook
First impressions make all the difference. How you start the “survey conversation” has a huge impact on respondent cooperation rates, and ultimately on the quality of the sample you reach and the insights you glean. Get the scoop here on the “respondent cooperation playbook” so that your next opening line will build a strong link with your consumer.

Patrick Glaser – Director of Respondent Cooperation, CMOR
Howard Moskowitz – President & CEO, Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.

Characteristics of Hyperactive Survey Takers in International Markets
Concerns about hyperactive survey takers are rampant. But are they really a danger? This presentation investigates the characteristics of hyperactive respondents within and between various countries. Learn about the new measures that you can use to identify these respondents and correct for their potential bias. With this knowledge, your hyperactives cannot be eliminated, but they can be tamed.

Renée Smith – VP, Panel Quality, Harris Interactive
John Bremer – VP, Global Representativeness, Harris Interactive

Eliminate Duplicate and Professional Respondents with Persistent Machine-Identifiers
Is your online research plagued by duplicate panel members and professional respondents? Without proper protection these unwelcome participants can ruin a good survey and send your results, your brand, veering off in the wrong marketing direction. This presentation reveals new technologies that can identify and stop virtually all these mischief makers. Learn the pros and cons of different approaches, and find the combination that will make your online research reliable and useable, each and every time.

Ali Moiz – COO, Peanut Labs
Simon Chadwick – Managing Partner, CAMBIAR

Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor


John Zogby – President & CEO, Zogby International
Joel Benenson – Founding Partner & President, Benenson Strategy Group

Gail Collins – Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times
This will be a luncheon to remember. John Zogby will paint the voter landscape and talk to us about the difference between the list of top voter issues and the real vote-drivers. Joel Benenson, Barack Obama’s pollster will tell us as much as he can about Barack's strategies, the reasons for their belief in their dream and the lessons that can be learned from their successful experience in building the Obama brand. And Gail Collins, brilliantNew York TimesOp Ed writer, will keep them on point and ask the tough questions others are afraid to ask. Lots of time will be available for audience Q&A and a "meet the speakers" session after lunch in the ARF Pavilion.



Meet the Speakers at the ARF Booth in the EXPO



Winter Garden / Palace Rooms, 6th Floor

Moving Engagement from Theory to Practice(session one)
The United States Postal Service, its agency Campbell-Ewald and Longwoods International on integrating engagement measures into on-going tracking research. Learn the insights gained on message relevance, channel delivery, media interaction effects and a medium’s influence on behavioral impacts to refine media mix and messaging strategies.

Closing the loop on Engagement and ROI is Part Two of the discussion at 11:30 am Tuesday. Canada Post Corporation will share on making smarter creative and media decisions to maximize their 2007 campaign impacts on sales and improve the overall ROI.

Schubert / Uris, 6th Floor

Getting Animated About Emotion: Metaphorix™
Metaphorix™ tells you what conventional research misses about emotion – by tapping into the metaphors that we all use unconsciously to express our feelings.

Using advanced online technology, animation brings metaphors to life – plugging directly into consumers’ immediate emotional response, without the need for conscious consideration.

Metaphorix™ thus avoids the over rationalisation inherent in traditional question formats and provides a commercial insight denied to conventional methodologies.

SPEAKER: David Penn – Managing Director of Conquest Research, UK

Odets Room, 4th Floor

In Your Face: A Feasible Way to Measure and Manage Emotional Responses
The breakthroughs in brain science over the past 20 years have documented what we all intuitively know: people are primarily intuitive, emotional decision-makers who often convey their truest responses non-verbally. How can companies capture these responses? While a variety of other psycho-physiological methods offer potential, none is as versatile and non-invasive as facial coding. It allows for the real-time capture of reliable data and can work from remote locations including Internet testing.

SPEAKER: Dan Hill – Founder and President of Sensory Logic, Inc.

Wilder Room, 4th Floor

Social Media Confidential - Insights into Niche Markets
This presentation will focus on niche consumer segments. Understand how consumer-generated content garnered from online discussion forums and other social media gives marketers insight and uncovers candid consumer thoughts that are difficult to achieve through traditional survey research. Example # 1: Patients using specific pharmaceuticals. Example # 2: Teens and young adults in the gaming industry.

Majestic / Music Box Rooms, 6th Floor

Understanding Frontline Performance; Correlating Customer Service at The Branch and Its Impact on the Retail Banking Customer – A Case Study
The Branch is still the most important channel of distribution and often the first contact customers have with a financial institution. This unique program, correlating Mystery Shop with Customer Satisfaction, provides the retail bank with an understanding of the impact of its FRONTLINE on its customers.

Fran Nuzzi – Sr. V.P. of Target Research Group
Connie Martin – V.P., Director of Marketing, Product Management of Provident Bank of New York, Target Research Group



Online is the New Primetime

The Internet is fast becoming a dominant advertising medium. New techniques provide convincing proof of the power of online. Gather the latest insights from comScore’s digital intelligence experts, leading advertisers, publishers, and agency representatives.

Peter Daboll – Chief of Insights, Yahoo!
Stephen Kim – Global Marketing Director, Microsoft
Lee Doyle – CEO, North America, Media Edge
Ash Eldifrawi – Director, Google
Ted McConnell – Manager, Digital Marketing Innovation, Procter & Gamble
Gian Fulgoni – Co-Founder and Chairman, comScore, Inc.



Broadway Lounge, 8th Floor


Learn the up-to-the-minute news and catch up with friends at the networking event of the year! Who’s doing what and where? Find out the latest at this must-attend event.

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Tuesday, April 1

Day 2 – Re:think Research Quality





ARF Councils are focused forums in which industry leaders set standards, prepare guidelines, and discuss cutting-edge issues faced by all members. Join us to learn more about ARF Councils and how you can get involved. Hear the latest on the most pressing issues of the day.

Advertising Effectiveness
CHAIR: Corey Jeffrey – Senior Director, Digital Media Research, MTV Networks

Emerging Media
CO-CHAIR: Terri Walter – VP Advanced Media Solutions, Avenue A / Razorfish

Media Effectiveness
CO-CHAIR: Mike Hess – Director Global Research & Communications Insights, OMD
CO-CHAIR: Leslie Wood – President, LWR Inc.

Online Research Quality
CHAIR: Robert Tomei – EVP, TNS

Video & Electronic Media
CHAIR: Ned Greenberg – VP Research, The Weather Channel

CHAIR: Debbie Solomon – Senior Partner & Group Research Director, MindShare

Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor


If research provides the measurement, guidance system, and “dashboard lights” by which marketers drive their business forward, how is the industry revamping itself to deliver new and nimble tools for marketers? We once believed that online research would be the answer. But lack of data quality has been a distressing issue. Global leaders will discuss the industry-wide initiatives underway to make research an even more efficient, effective tool for decision-makers. A panel of advertisers will respond, discussing the role they play in setting high quality research as a top priority.

David Calhoun – Chairman, Executive Board & CEO, The Nielsen Company
David Lowden – CEO, TNS
Eric Salama – CEO, The Kantar Group, market research division of WPP
Klaus Wübbenhorst – CEO, GfK

Stan Sthanunathan – VP, Marketing Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company

Ron Gailey – SVP, Director of Research & Customer Insight, WaMu
Jim Oliver – Group Manager, Marketing Research, Google
Jeffrey Todder – SVP, Director of Advertising Analytics, Citi Brands
Jim Nyce – SVP, Consumer Insight & Strategy, Kraft Foods



Meet the Speakers & Panelists at the ARF Booth in the Expo.


IN THE EXPO – Meet the ARF’s Board of Directors



Odets Room, 4th Floor

Can Innovative Technology and a State of the Art Facility
Enhance the Value of Qualitative Research?

See how LITEN software from Chilmark Digital uses live streaming, synchronized notes, search, collaboration and dynamic video reporting to deliver more actionable results, faster at CBS Television City in Las Vegas.

Lew Alpert – CEO, Chilmark Digital
Barbara Alpert – President, Chilmark Digital
David F. Poltrack – Chief Research Officer CBS Corporation, President CBS Vision

Wilder Room, 4th Floor

Neuromarketing – “Junk Science” Or A True Empirical
Measure of Engagement

Not all neuromarketing research is created equal. Knapp steers clear of the hype to show you the functional MRI’s unique ability to scientifically measure engagement. Society’s rapid transition from analog to digital presages the accelerated adoption and integration of MRI and neuroscience based tools for business. Forget what you think you know and learn firsthand about this unmatched window into your customers’ minds.

PRESENTER: Bill Knapp – Founder, Fkf Applied Research

Majestic / Music Box Rooms, 6th Floor

Why Market Research Must Take a Leadership Role in the
Customer Experience Management Movement

Market research professionals face significant changes in the practice of their craft: consolidation of firms, commoditization of services and changes in technology. Customer Experience Management represents the next significant trend and offers new opportunities for market researchers to differentiate their offerings and cement their value to their internal/external clients.

PRESENTER: Sid Banerjee – CEO, Clarabridge

Winter Garden / Palace Rooms, 6th Floor

Measure Twice and Cut Once
Media planning concerns itself with measuring what matters most. This goes beyond media exposure, since ad recall does not follow media consumption well, high share-of-voice is not efficient and advertising does not work in a linear fashion. Come by for a reality check from Ipsos ASI and learn about our 360° experience measuring new & traditional media and non-media touch-points within the mix!

PRESENTER: John Hallward – President, Ipsos ASI

Schubert / Uris Rooms, 6th Floor

Seducing the Brain
Diving deep into the brain, neuroscientific techniques reveal the unbiased consumer experience. Learn how NeuroFocus can define a product’s essential experience – including subconscious valuing – with objective, repeatable, quantified data.

Winter Garden / Palace Rooms, 6th Floor

Moving Engagement from Theory to Practice(session two)
Hot off the presses! Canada Post Corporation and Longwoods International share December 2007 Holiday Campaign results demonstrating how the prior year’s Engagement and Campaign ROI measurement research looked at the interaction of message relevance, channel delivery and media on sales. Ultimately improving their campaign impact on sales, efficiency and overall ROI. (If this topic interests you won’t want to miss session one on Monday, March 31st at 2:30pm.)

Majestic / Music Box Rooms, 6th Floor

New Product Research On High Speed
New Products are the life blood of company growth. NPD research is well-established, but an opportunity remains to leverage advanced research techniques to reduce pre-market testing time, as well as reliable ways to assess their potential. Thanks to recent innovations in marketing research, when screening indicates promise, concept and line optimization as well as Year One forecasts can be combined into one step. Features a “real life” case study, graphic displays and an interactive demonstration of simulator tools.

PRESENTER: Patricia Hughes – Managing Director, GfK Consumer

Schubert / Uris Rooms, 6th Floor

Did You Know That 90% Of Our Purchase Decisions Are Made Subconsciously Based Upon Emotional Experience? A Case Study
It is believed that surveys, questionnaires and focus groups fail to get behind the curtains of consciousness. People rationalize buying decisions based on facts, but they make buying decisions based on emotions. Uncover the emotional impact of marketing campaigns. And learn how to boost your marketing material on an emotional level via a very simple emotional pre-testing software.

Odets Room, 4th Floor

800 Miliseconds on the Road to Engagement
Dr. Steven Sands will discuss the methodologies employed by his company, Sands Research, for conducting neuromedia analysis on advertising messages. Through the use of focus groups wearing caps with electrodes linked to electroencephalography (EEG) equipment, scientists at Sands Research are able to tell how different parts of the brain respond to various advertising messages. Methodologies, process and interpretation that is meaningful for advertisers will be discussed.

PRESENTER: Dr. Stephen Sands – Founder, CEO, Sands Research

Wilder Room, 4th Floor

Social Media: Seeing Past Rational Agreement to Emotional Acceptance
Understand how consumer-generated content garnered from online discussion forums and other social media can provide insights into customer intent. Learn from our “diesel” versus “hybrid” case study and you decide if diesel makers have been able to convince consumers that diesel is the better choice.

Majestic / Music Box Rooms, 6th Floor

The Panel Quality Debate a Year on – The Fundamentals Have Not Changed
Since last year’s ARF conference, the debate has continued on how to improve online data quality. While industry bodies are united in their agreement that “quality” in online panels needs to be defined, there is less consensus about how this can be achieved. This presentation focuses on the basic measures that will equip researchers with the knowledge to distinguish a good from a poor quality panel and highlights some of the issues in defining “quality” online.

SPEAKER: Charles Pearson – Senior Vice President, Business
Development, Research Now

Winter Garden / Palace Rooms, 6th Floor

Shopper Marketing Contact Audit (MCA) – Optimizing Shopper Marketing Communication
Brand manufacturers and retailers increasingly recognize that shoppers are not just an immediate customer base, but actually constitute an audience ripe for marketing. Billions of dollars are being spent on in-store marketing communication contact points. There has been no way to determine which contact points are most effective to build your business. TNS will present research on research and show how shopper marketing contact points can be evaluated through the MCA framework.

Melinda Smith – TNS Brand Communication Division
James Sorensen – Executive VP, TNS

Schubert / Uris Rooms, 6th Floor

PPM: Changing Radio, Changing Advertising
With the imminent rollout of the PPM in the top 10 markets, the impact of PPM on the business of radio, programming and advertising is becoming more apparent. During this presentation we will explore listening trends and dive into how consumers are really using radio and explore what radio can do to drive consumers to a station.

Odets Room, 4th Floor

The Social Media Sandbox – Myths and Realities
What is Social Media? Which forms are most trusted? Is there a direct relationship between social media usage and purchase behavior? A new study explores social media usage and how it is used in comparison to, and in tandem with other forms of media. Does media usage differ between social and non-social media users? What are the implications for broadcasters, brands and organizations?

PRESENTER: Robert Hutton – Executive Vice-President, Pollara Research

Wilder Room, 4th Floor

Touchdown for Biometrics: Neuromarketing in the Real World™
During the live airing of this year’s Super Bowl, Innerscope Research© monitored Patriots and Giants fans at separate simultaneous parties. Using biometric vests, Innerscope gauged the difference in their responses and the impact that had on the advertising. Dr. Carl Marci, CEO of Innerscope Research© and Director of Social Neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital, will detail what advertisers can learn from one of the most anticipated sports events of the year.

Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor


David Kenny – Chairman & CEO, Digitas
New technology and rapidly evolving digital behaviors are transforming the marketplace for advertisers around the globe. With real-time consumer knowledge constantly available, marketers can continuously improve campaigns, brands and even products. He will highlight the nimble advertisers who navigate the digital world with flair today and discuss the realigned business models that will drive marketers to succeed in the future. Audience Q&As will follow.



Meet the Speaker at the ARF Booth in the EXPO



Majestic / Music Box Rooms, 6th Floor

Building Online Community Panels
Online communities offer a huge potential for building respondent panels that can be an invaluable source of feedback to customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. Best of all, these respondents are literally a click away, making the feedback immediate and extremely cost effective. This presentation will address these benefits as well as the process of recruiting, incenting, managing and interacting with these respondent panels.

PRESENTER: Dean Wiltse – Chairman and CEO of Vovici

Winter Garden / Palace Rooms, 6th Floor

How do we make babies in Europe?
This presentation will provide insights into mothers and families in Europe with a specific focus on five countries. It will review the demographics and main figures of family life in Europe putting into perspective similarities and differences in every day life. Includes the results of a semiologic analysis based on advertising and media in Europe, uncovering the specific behavior and values attached to mothers in the five main European countries.

PRESENTER: L’Institut des Mamans – the marketing research agency specialized in mother and children in Europe

Schubert / Uris Rooms, 6th Floor

The Fusion of Social Networks and Market Research
With the rise of social networks at the expense of email and landlines, marketers and advertisers need to capitalize on this promising technology landscape. This presentation will review how social networks coupled with proven research methods mean new access to online sample and quality data for today’s top researchers.

PRESENTER: Murtaza Hussain – CEO, Peanut Labs.

Odets Room, 4th Floor

Finally… An Advertising System That Predicts How Your Ads Will Perform Before Launch and What They’re Delivering After Launch
After decades of debate about how to define and measure advertising effectiveness, this session will introduce you to a new ad testing and tracking system, which is based on in-market ad performance across a variety of categories. Find out how top advertisers are using it to get a better return on their marketing investment.

PRESENTER: Beth Allan – EVP Marketing Sciences, Phoenix Marketing International

Wilder Room 4th floor

How and why to assess creative in the new media environment?
Digital media today provides advertisers with ever increasing ways to engage and confront consumers; search, video, widgets, banners, micro sites, etc. For decades advertisers and media owners have known that creative execution is the key driver for successful campaigns. Now that measuring reach and frequency within new media has become more straightforward, it's back to basics: creative testing. Why and how do you test new media creative? What have we learned from the hundreds of global new media creative tests conducted? MetrixLab is a leading market research agency that specialises in new media creative testing; from online display advertising (banners, video, widgets) to search advertising (Google adwords). During this workshop, we'll highlight the insights we've acquired conducting new media creative testing and explain how we apply this to future new media evaluations.

PRESENTER: Drs Lucas Hulsebos – Media Director



This session features: Results from data fusion case studies. Insights from a new online video measurement service. The latest framework around consumer generated media. Mobile media insights. And, a brand new cross-platform internet usage service.

Paul Donato – Chief Research Officer, The Nielsen Company
Jed Meyer – SVP, Nielsen DigitalPlus
Jon Gibbs – VP Media Agency Insights, Nielsen Online
Kanishka Agarwal – VP Mobile Media , Nielsen Mobile
Brian Apter – VP Sales Development, National TV Client Services, The Nielsen Company
Pete Doe – Managing Director, Nielsen Connections

Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor


A Gala Celebration & Dinner
The top advertisers, research companies and agencies in the world will compete for the coveted Ogilvy Award for Research Excellence. Who will be the winners in 2008? Join us for the black-tie gala that celebrates the strategic thinking and campaigns that leverage research for spectacular business results.

Sponsored by Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions.

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Wednesday, April 2

Day 3 – Re:think the Consumer



ARF Councils are focused forums in which industry leaders set standards, prepare guidelines, and discuss cutting-edge issues faced by all members. Join us to learn more about ARF Councils and how you can get involved. Hear the latest on the most pressing issues of the day.

CHAIR – Martha Luszcz, VP Research, ABC Radio Networks

CO-CHAIR: Greg Whiteman – Manager Market Research, US Postal Service
CO-CHAIR: La Ganjam – Manager, Global Insights, Global Marketing Strategy, ConAgra Foods

CHAIR: Dan Belmont – President/CMO, Millsport/The Marketing Arm

CO-CHAIR: Kevin Brockenbrough – VP, Burrell Communications
CO-CHAIR: David Burgos – Account Group Director, Millward Brown

CO-CHAIR: Judy Bahary – VP Research Director, Starcom Mediavest Group
CO-CHAIR: Steven Douglas – EVP Research, DJG Marketing
CO-CHAIR: Britta Ware – VP Research Solutions, Meredith Corporation

Online Media
CHAIR: Rex Briggs – CEO Marketing Evolution

WESTSIDE Ballroom, 5th Floor


Moderator: Mary Ann Packo – CEO, Millward Brown, North America
Customer attention is ever-fleeting, spent in virtual worlds, on social media, across many screens, increasingly fractured and time-shifted. How can marketers reach their audience and sort out passing fads from revolutionary new media? These speakers will share their insights into the habits and behaviors of today’s consumers from around the globe.

Global Consumers Lead the Way to the Digital Future

The digitally advanced habits of consumers in Asia and Europe can indicate the future path we face in North America’s marketplace. Find out how customers are really spending their time and using digital worldwide. These industry leaders will discuss strategies that are creating whole new connections for brands, based on deep research and powerful thinking. Q&As will follow.

Stephen Kim – Senior Director, Global Marketing, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Families, couples and the older generation are becoming part of the gaming community. And MSN is taking gaming into a whole new world creating corporate training systems as a new direction and industry venture. Where will gaming go next? Learn how Microsoft’s deep understanding of customers around the globe is helping them to rethink the industry for 2008 and beyond.

Jeff Levick – Director, Global Industry Development & Marketing, Google
As head of Google’s global and multicultural development, and a member of Google’s senior management team for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Levick has a unique perspective on the digital habits of consumers around the globe. Learn about Google’s latest insights and research that track rapidly-evolving digital habits. Find out how online behaviors and customs differ across cultures and market sectors.

Colleen Fahey-Rush – EVP, MTV Networks
With MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CMT, VH1, 300+ websites, social media platform Flux, and more, MTV Networks is constantly evolving its connections with today’s youth. Fahey-Rush will share the consumer-driven strategies that help MTV Networks navigate through the digital universe.



Forum 1 –Contemporary Consumers & Their New Tech/Media Habits

MODERATOR: Amy Raihill – Regional Insights Manager, North America, Shell Lubricants

Rapidly evolving technology is creating consumers who continuously alter their lifestyles around new devices. Mobile, smart, on-demand and social media usage constantly change. How can you keep up? Come and learn the latest from these speakers. Find out about new ways to segment your customers based on the new technology and habits they’ve acquired. Then hear how advertising and brand messages best fit into this new world.

Can You Hear Me Now? – Mobile Trends & Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Advertising
Mobile phones are everywhere. The key to using mobile as a platform for brand communications will be to correctly gauge consumer’s acceptance of advertising in this very personal space. This presentation provides a two year perspective on evolving consumer sentiment. You will learn which consumers are most interested in receiving mobile ads, the type of incentives they are willing to receive, and what ad formats work for whom.

Judith Ricker – Division President, Communications Research, Harris Interactive
R. Scott Evans – VP, Senior Consultant, Technology Industry Solutions Group, Harris Interactive

Urban Markets & Multicultural Consumers: New Developments in Cable, Broadband, New Technology & New Media Usage
The urban market is young, growing, increasingly multicultural and on the forefront in adopting new telecommunications, cable, broadband, satellite, portable, smart, and on-demand technology and services. Where is this diverse and shifting racial/ethnic/gender/cultural/linguistic group headed next? Get the up-to-date insights in this session.

Adriana Waterston – VP, Marketing & Business Development, Horowitz Associates
Howard Horowitz – President, Horowitz Associates

Use Social Marketing Habits to Segment Your Target Population and Get Better Results
How do you get everyone in an entire country to be a responsible survey respondent? This is the challenge the US Census Bureau faces and the 2010 effort promises to be especially difficult. Find out how the strategic use of community-based partnerships, word of mouth, and social media will help. Then consider how segmentation by social media could be tapped to get better results for your business.

Nancy Bates – Lead Researcher, Census 2010 Publicity Office, US Census Bureau
Mary H. Mulry – Principal Researcher, Statistical Research Division, US Census Bureau

Forum 2 – Social Networks: How C2C Marketing Impacts Brands

MODERATOR: Ed Keller – CEO, Keller Fay Group

Teens and young adults today use social networking platforms, the internet, and mobile as no other generation has done before. Their attention is riveted on digital worlds that just came into existence a few years ago. What does this mean for your brand? Learn the latest at this session.

Connecting to the World: How Global Teens Do It
Based on research from 11 countries, this presentation will provide insights into the habits of today’s digitized teens. What are their current behaviors and habits in using communications devices? How do they make choices on which to use – phone, email, IM, text, etc.? Hear how they are using social networks now, and what their hopes, fears, and dreams are for their future communications.

Betsy Leichliter – Founder, Leichliter Associates
Susan Abbott – Marketing Researcher & Consultant, Abbott Research & Consulting

Everybody's Talking: Social Networks & Product Conversations in the Digital Era
Conversations about products happen all the time, but what is the exact mechanism by which one word of mouth recommendation leads to a new purchase, while another doesn’t? By closely examining WOM, digital, and social conversations around auto purchases, movie selection, and website referrals, this research sets out the mechanisms by which word of mouth marketing works to trigger further action.

David Bakken – SVP, Director of Marketing Science, Harris Interactive
Jonathan Siegel – SVP, Marketing Science, Harris Interactive

Maximize Your Brand Momentum: Quantifying Brand Value Creation for Adidas & Electronic Arts on Social Networks
By using innovative research to track the viral and consumer-pass-along effect of two campaigns on MySpace, this presentation reveals the impact on key brand metrics. New metrics allow this type of marketing, and its impact, to be compared to other advertising efforts. Learn from these cases and find out how to use social networks to amplify your brand campaign.

Keith Brady – Director, Research, Marketing Evolution
Brian M. Mathena – Group Media Director, Carat

Forum 3 – It’s a Mobile World

MODERATOR: Terri Walter – VP, Advanced Media Solutions, Avenue A/Razorfish

Consumers love their mobile phones, but are very wary about mobile advertising and how it may impact their lives. Can mobile ads become an accepted part of mobile customs or will ads always be a dreaded interruption? Find out how marketers today are successfully weaving mobile ads into their campaigns and what the impact has been on consumer attitudes. Then learn how consumers are accepting that mobile phones can be used for market research… for the better. Attend and listen up!

Mobile Advertising: Measuring Attitudinal and Behavioral Impact of Campaigns
How well do mobile ads perform, if the nature of their viewing environment is reaching someone who is on-the-go, harried, distracted and time-pressed? This presentation will reveal the results of an insurance company’s fall 2007 mobile ad campaign and detail the brand metrics that performed well, and those that didn’t.  Find out how client, agency and research company worked together to garner insights for future success.

Tiffany Cole – Senior Research Analyst, Research & Insight, The Weather Channel 
Joy Liuzzo – Director of Mobile Research, InsightExpress

Mobile Brand Experience: Measuring Ad Effectiveness on the Mobile Web
Mobile ads need a solid metric for measuring performance. Clicks, view-throughs, and attitude are not enough. New standard brand metrics are needed, so that mobile ad campaigns have a repeatable, scalable, and proven method for measuring effectiveness. Using a recent campaign, this presentation will compare new mobile metrics to traditional internet and media measures, layout data that will help you optimize your mobile ad placement, and provide pointers on how to put mobile in your marketing mix.

Michelle Eule – Managing Director, Global Research, Dynamic Logic, a Millward Brown Company
Jenny Burrington – Director of Advertising, Greystripe

Get Better Marketing Results by Leveraging the Mobile Connection to Your Consumer
Mobile can be a great platform, not just for out-bound ads, but also for in-bound research insights. With mobile phones, you can reach your customers on the road, in the store, at the game, and on the spot, while they are shopping, viewing, purchasing, dining and more. But there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to using the mobile connection for research, and you need to know how to integrate the results you get with other research findings. This presentation provides a research-on-research overview of how to best use mobile research to your brand’s advantage.

Michael Gazala – CEO, North America, Lightspeed Research

Forum 4 – How Consumers Shop Today

MODERATOR: Bob Woodard – VP, Global Consumer & Customer Insights, Campbell Soup Company

The consumer’s shopping experience varies wildly, depending on a myriad of factors outside the brand manager’s control. When and how consumers decide to buy your product has become an increasingly  complex phenomenon, difficult to parse out so you can take action. Purchasers can buy in the store, online from home, online from work, on the road, at auction and at more locations than ever before.  These speakers examine how consumers make shopping decisions differently in the marketplace today.

Coming to Many Screens Near You…How Consumers Shop for Entertainment in the Digital Age
Consumers have so many options, and so little time. With hi-def, VOD platforms, digital download, streaming, online rental, and more options developing everyday, it’s important to understand what it is that consumers want. Ubiquity of content will give consumers more control than ever before. At this presentation Warner Brothers will share their most recent learnings about how consumers shop for and view entertainment today.

Bryon Schafer – Director, Market Research, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Giovanni Riggioni – Research Director, New Technology, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

The Digital Shelf: How Consumers Use Search Marketing in Packaged Goods
To many consumers searching on the Web is a convenient extension of shopping the aisles. It’s a “digital shelf” that offers them more choice, and offers the savvy marketer a place to build CPG brands and drive sales. This presentation looks at four categories, food, baby care, personal care and home care, and will tell you about the motivations, attitudes, segments and behaviors typical of the “searching” shopper.

James Lamberti – SVP, Search and Media, comScore Inc.
Ted McConnell – Manager, Digital Marketing Innovation, Procter & Gamble

The Decision to Buy: How Brand Imagery Contributes to Baseline Sales
Brand perception has a vital and dynamic impact on sales, but exactly how much? And how long will it take for that ephemeral “good perception” to make a positive sales impact, especially if quarterly results are under management’s microscope? This presentation will provide a case study on how a new brand campaign had an impact on sales, then track how shifting perceptions worked their way to the baseline sales – a mechanism every brand manager needs to understand.

Philip Herr – SVP, Millward Brown
Karen Havis – Senior Manager, Marketing Research, HanesBrands

Forum 5 – Social Media Around the Globe: Who’s Participating and Why?

MODERATOR: Abby Mehta – Director, Global Marketing Research, Monster Insights, Monster Worldwide

Across the world people have ever-new levels of involvement with social media. Which consumers are getting involved, while others remain indifferent? Global trends will be revealed, but of equal importance is the question “why?”  Why do some consumers join in this trend while others remain distant, aloof, unconcerned and not engaged? These speakers will reveal the latest findings.

Context Matters: Can Advertisers Engage in the Social Web?
Explaining online behavior is becoming more complex as peoples behaviors now cover the spectrum, seeking communication, information, entertainment, creation, shopping, purchasing and more. Results from this study across 6 international markets will reveal the new consumer behaviors of today, the spectrum of engagement with advertising, and how My World (social media) and the External World (the internet that informs and entertains consumers) interact.

Beth Uyenco – Global Research Director, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Kevin Thompson – Director, OTX, Europe

Power to the People: Tracking Seismic Global Shifts in Social Media
Is the hype around social media due to irrational exuberance, or is it a real movement that extends around the globe? Universal McCann is examining consumer up-take of social media across 27 countries and in this session will reveal their latest findings. Come and hear about who is embracing the online social life, where, how, and why. Then use your insights to connect with consumers better worldwide.

Graeme Hutton – SVP, Director of Consumer Insights, Universal McCann
Tom Smith – Research Manager – EMEA, Universal McCann

The Involved Customer: How Brands Invite Consumers to Co-Create, Innovate, and Participate in Social Media, And Why Those People Accept
The current vogue in marketing is “consumer participation” – the act of inviting consumers to co-create ads, innovate, name new products, vote online or via text, and more. But what really is behind this phenomenon of consumer participation? This presentation will explain what’s behind a consumer’s willingness to act on behalf of a brand, what need this fulfills, what they get out of it, and what this means for researchers and brand managers as they track and use this phenomenon.

Steve Pagan – Research Director, Hall & Partners
Farrah Bostic – Account Director, Hall & Partners

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Meet the New ARF Chief Research Officer

Joel Rubinson joins the ARF on March 17, 2008 as our new Chief Research Officer. Joel will spend ten minutes outlining his thoughts on major industry trends and needs and how the ARF can impact those needs today and tomorrow. This will be followed by a short Q&A.

The ARF Great Mind Awards Presentation

The ARF Member Awards recognize individuals who contribute to the excellence of advertising research. It celebrates ARF members who are outstanding stars in our industry – the innovators, rising new talent, and long-time contributors who share their learnings and make important advances to the art and science of ad research.

SPONSORED by Harris Interactive

Judith Ricker - Division President, Marketing Communications Research, Harris Interactive
Stephen Kim - Senior Director, Global Marketing, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Bob Barocci - President & CEO, The ARF




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