Research Review Process
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ARF Research Review Process

Phase 1 Launch Meeting

An ARF senior researcher will meet with Management to discuss/obtain:

  • Business objectives
  • Research objectives
  • Methodology to be reviewed, and innovation(s) it offers
  • Document requirements
  • Client deliverables
  • Basic corporate information

At the conclusion of the launch meeting, the scope of the review will be set, and the time table for the review will be established.

Phase 1 Discovery Phase

Upon receipt of required documentation, ARF researchers will review the submitted materials, and apply ARF guidelines and standards to develop preliminary point-of-view document. This Discovery POV will identify areas of strength and concern in the method or service under review, as well as areas where additional information is needed. After this phase of the Review, the ARF may pursue one of three options:

(i) Continue the review process;

(ii) Continue the review, but after additional information, data, etc. is produced by the submitting Management;

(iii) ARF may choose not to continue the Review due to lack of compliance with ARF guidelines and standards observed in the Discovery process.

The Discovery POV document will be a confidential document and both the ARF and Management are restricted from sharing that document with any other parties.

Phase 2 Formal Review

Once the Discovery Phase is completed, and any additional documentation, methodological revision, or client data are provided to the ARF, the Formal Review Phase will be executed. At the conclusion of this phase of the Review, a confidential draft document will be provided to the client for their comment.

Phase 2 Response

Management may submit comments regarding the reviewer’s interpretation of the facts provided, submit further information, and (as needed) participate in additional discussion with ARF reviewer(s).

Phase 2 Expert Review

ARF will provide a written point-of-view document for review by Management as well as 4 outside, expert reviewers – often a mix of academics and practitioners with relevant experience and expertise.

Phase 2 Final Research Review

ARF Final Research Review will be published (with Management permission) on The ARF Website and circulated to the ARF membership and provided in electronic form for Management to distribute.


The draft of the ARF Research Review document will be submitted to Management within 6 weeks of the Launch Meeting. The final document should be completed in 6-8 weeks (TBD based on scoping).

For easy reference, download the complete Research Review Fact Sheet.

For additional information:
Please contact Dr. Bill Cook, EVP, Research and Standards, The ARF.
Phone: 646-465-5765

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