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David Rabjohns
David Rabjohns
CEO, MotiveQuest
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Gayle Fuguitt
Gayle Fuguitt
CEO & President, The ARF
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Kerry Edelstein
Kerry Edelstein
Owner, Research Narrative
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Philip Herr
Philip Herr
SVP, Intelligence, Millward Brown
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Research Impact Forum

The forum’s mission is to help the world understand the relationship between great research and business results.

Member Benefits
1. Learn how top performing companies use market intelligence effectively
2. Learn how to make your market intelligence more actionable

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Research Impact Forum: Turning Insights Into Action

Thursday, July 10, 2014
2:30PM - 5:00PM EST

Location: Simulmedia, 670 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY

A workshop that shows you how to have more research impact.

Based on two years of research exploring the five things that drive maximum research effect. You will participate in workshop exercises that will let you practice these powerful skills.

  1. Finding the real objectives
  2. Designing the right research
  3. The best way to analyze the results
  4. Ensuring the story matches the real issues
  5. Keeping the insights alive

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there!”

This session will guide you on ways to define the right road from problem definition to ultimate solution and beyond. Bring your toughest business challenges, find your tribe to network new solutions, and share stories and lessons. Solve today's and tomorrow's problems in an afternoon.

A cocktail reception will follow the session.

Opening Remarks:
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The ARF
Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia

David Rabjohns – CEO, MotiveQuest

Workshop Moderated By:
Phil Herr – SVP, Intelligence, Millward Brown

Suzanne Ona – Director, Integrated Consumer Insights, L’Oreal
Brent Vartan – Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, Deutsch, Inc.
Anita Valdes – EVP, Millward Brown

Unplugged Moderated By: 
Kerry Edelstein - Owner, Research Narrative 

Translating Truths (a.k.a. Big Insights) and Inspiring Action

Thursday, November 07, 2013
9:00AM - 12:00PM EST

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Translating Truths (a.k.a. Big Insights) and Inspiring Action:
Strategies For Turning Smart Research Into Business Success

9:00–9:30am: Breakfast
9:30am–12:00pm: Workshop

In a recent ARF membership survey, our members identified an ongoing challenge in research: inspiring others to engage in and act upon smart, thoughtful, and often painstaking research endeavors. At this upcoming workshop, hear from senior researchers and marketing executives on how they harness their inner “chief inspiration officer” to drive business results through research. You’ll also have the chance to discuss your own success stories and challenges and get advice from seasoned practitioners with a reputation for business results.

During this workshop, you’ll:

  • Hear exclusive ARF research on best practices that correlate with business impact
  • Learn strategies for conquering common challenges we identified in our research with ARF members, including:
    1. Understanding the business context
    2. Gaining stakeholder buy-in
    3. Using intuition alongside reason
    4. Speaking the language of business
    5. Telling a story
  • Work on applying these strategies to your current projects
  • Get personalized advice on how to maximize impact on your next research initiative

Exclusively for ARF members of all levels, this session will help you make a bigger dent in the world (just like that Steve Jobs guy).

Presented by:
Bobbie Herbs – VP, Marketing, Rovi Advertising
Tim Teran – SVP, Consumer Insights & Strategy, Macy’s Inc.

About the Speakers:

Bobbie Herbs is the VP of Marketing for Rovi Advertising. She has focused the past six years on advanced TV advertising and interactivit,y most recently at Rovi Advertising, Canoe Ventures, and G-Cluster.  From highly immersive advertising experiences to games on TV, she has applied innovative approaches to research, voice of the customer and user testing for brand strategy, product development, analytics, and insights. Her career has spanned cable television expansion and consolidation, to satellite TV marketing and development, to Internet portal design and audience acquisition. Currently Bobbie’s work at Rovi Advertising informs storytelling for sales presentations, ad campaigns, and thought leadership. She is also fortunate to have access to Rovi’s clickstream data pools as a source for program diagnostics, performance reporting, and viewer insights. Combined with primary research, this is a foundation for developing business tools that have helped differentiate Rovi Advertising in the advanced advertising industry.

Tim Teran is the SVP of Consumer Insights and Strategy at Macy’s. He is credited with building best-in class consumer insights, strategy and marketing teams that have proven successful in driving business, achieving both top line growth and bottom line profit. As a member of Macy’s Management Group, Tim is responsible for developing integrated consumer perspectives on the business and identifying growth opportunities rooted in serving customers better. He won the Macy’s Chairman’s Award twice, once for Customer Engagement and once for Marketing.  And, in 2011 he was recognized by Peppers & Rogers 1to1 magazine as a Customer Champion of the year. He is a member of The NPD Group’s Fashion Advisory Board and an active volunteer working with different schools on developing community outreach programs. Prior to Macy’s, Tim was Managing Director, Consumer Insights & Strategy at Citigroup. Prior to that, he was SVP of Strategic Services at Grey Global and a director of The Advertising Research Foundation. He has also won numerous ARF David Ogilvy and Effie Awards for his efforts to develop proven sales driving marketing and communications programs rooted in consumer insights and analytics.



How Researchers Create (of Fail to Create) Business Impact

Monday, March 18, 2013
1:00AM - 1:00AM EST

March 18

In collaboration with The ARF, this Research as a Business Tool (RAABT) forum conducted a three phase research study over a one year period from 2011 to 2012.  The findings from these research phases were then integrated into the context of the current economic and business climate of market research.

This research has led us to believe that the market research business lacks enough focus and training on communication skills and the business context in which we operate. As a next step, the RAABT forum leaders are working in collaboration with the ARF to develop training sessions and curriculum focusing on distilling and communicating business insights. Training will be developed for both junior level and senior level research professionals, to focus on issues relevant to different career stages. Our ultimate goal is that the ARF-trained researcher will be more well-armed to facilitate and communicate research that meets or exceeds its intended organizational impact.

Featured Speakers
Kerry Edelstein – VP, Research Analytics, Joost Media
Phillip Herr – SVP, Intelligence, Millward Brown
David Rabjohns – CEO, MotiveQuest LLC


How to Conduct Research that Generates Real Business Results

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
2:30PM - 4:30PM EST

A key challenge to creating successful and results-driven research lies in bridging sound research methods with practical business considerations. In this forum, we plan to investigate both the scientific and the organizational considerations behind research, shedding light on why some research has a positive business impact, while other research does not. Our objective is twofold: 1) To identify and share the secrets and common characteristics of research that has a significant, positive business impact, and 2) To identify and share the most effective tactics for overcoming common barriers to impactful research.

Questions we’ll address include:

  • What are your best examples of research that had a business impact? What made it impactful?
  • Why doesn’t great research get used/implemented? What are some of the barriers? How can we overcome those challenges?
  • Has the shortening of research (and business) timelines hindered the ability of research have a business impact? What can we do to counteract that trend?
  • As the digital and advertising world changes, and new behaviors (e.g. social networking) become commonplace, do the methodologies and metrics need to change? How do we mitigate the fear of change?

Our forum will begin a multi-phase effort with presentations and a moderated panel offering practical advice and “war stories” from seasoned researchers and non-research professionals alike. This session will also include an interactive Q&A where ARF members will be encouraged to share their own trials and victories in the research space, as we gather a deeper understanding of the challenges members face - and the opportunities for success.

Featured Speakers:

Vinita Deo – Director, Samsung
Christopher Kuist – Director, Digital Ad Sales Research, Viacom Media Networks
Noreen O’Loughlin – VP, Integrated Marketing, New York Public Radio
Mark Truss – Director of Brand Intelligence, JWT
Lauren Weinberg - VP, Strategic Insights and Research, Yahoo!

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