Idea Engagement Initiative (Emotional Response to Advertising)

This resulting multi-stage initiative was originally focused on measuring Engagement through emotional responses to television ads. Eleven research company partners tested TV ads from successful storytelling campaigns together with attribute-oriented campaigns from a wide variety of categories. The companies that participated in this phase of the research were:

AdSam Marketing, Inner Response, Miller Brewing, Ameritest Research, InnerScope Research, Olson-Zaltman Associates, Center for Emotional Marketing, Ipsos-ASI, Procter & Gamble, Foote Cone & Belding, JWT, TNS Custom Research, Gallup & Robinson, Millward Brown, Verse Group, LLC, Howard Merrell & Partners, MSW Research, Young & Rubicam, Inc.

Key Findings and Insights on Emotional Response

To date, the idea Engagement research has yielded five key findings:

In addition to demonstrating the contribution of emotional response to effective advertising, the study provided powerful evidence of how effectively research can measure and interpret emotional responses together with cognitive reactions.


The Emotional Response to Advertising white paper is available through the ARF.

  1. Emotional response IS measurable.
  2. Emotional response IS non-linear.
  3. Emotional experiences ARE co-created.
  4. Emotional response is best measured from multiple angles.
  5. Learning about emotion can improve advertising planning.