Journal of Advertising Research - March 2014
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Celebrating 50 years, the Journal of Advertising Research 50th Anniversary Special Edition is packed with analysis and insights from over 40 internationally renowned academics and industry leaders.

March 2014, Volume 54, No. 1
Tracking the Power of Social Media

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Letter from the CEO
Inspiring Intelligent Growth
Gayle Fuguitt calls 2014 “the year to Inspire Intelligent Growth” as she applauds thought leaders who are committed to deepening industry knowledge and capability with their contributions to the Journal and to this year’s key ARF conferences: Re:Think and Audience Measurement.

Editor's Letter
What Do We Know About Social Media?
Geoffrey Precourt, Editor-in-Chief

Speaker's Box
Advertisements Just Aren’t Advertisements Anymore: A New Typology for Evolving Forms of Online “Advertising”
Colin Campbell, Kent State University, Justin Cohen, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, and Junzhao Ma, Monash University air their views on the need for a more standardized typology for Internet advertising.

Numbers, Please
Digital Game Changers: How Social Media Will Help Usher in the Era of Mobile and Multi-Platform Campaign-Effectiveness Measurement
Comscore’s Gian Fulgoni offers insight on what he sees as the next wave of research innovation in the measuring and monetizing of mobile and multi-platform advertising.

Research Quality
Fast and Furious ... or Much Ado About Nothing? Sub-Optimal Respondent Behavior and Data Quality
With the proliferation of online surveys and their increasing length, GfK’s Randall K. Thomas worries about the low quality of responses and the resulting decline in survey quality, in this latest excerpt from the ARF’s “Foundations of Quality 2” initiative.


The Gender Gap: Brain-Processing Differences Between the Sexes Shape Attitudes About Online Advertising
Are men, more so than women, drawn to banner advertisements and other graphical stimuli? Wright State University’s Kendall Goodrich sheds new light on the differences in the way the sexes approach advertisements.

Tweens’ Knowledge of Marketing Tactics: Skeptical Beyond Their Years
Through growing levels of media consumption, children between the ages of 8 and 12 are vulnerable to widely used marketing tactics. University of Delaware’s Dan Freeman and Stewart Shapiro weigh the general lack of fairness in the use of such tactics when targeting this age group, versus kids’ sharpening skepticism about the truthfulness of promotional messages, and their ability to avoid the message or share their dislike about the brand.

The Quality of Internet-User Recall: A Comparative Analysis by Online Sales-Promotion Types
How do online sales promotions, such as discounts and free gifts, affect consumer brand and product recall? Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros and Salvador Del Barrio-García of the University of Granada (Spain), share their findings.

The Power of Social Television: Can Social Media Build Viewer Engagement? A New Approach to Brain Imaging of Viewer Immersion
Australian researchers use a brain-imaging methodology to study interactivity between television and “the second screen”. Peter Pynta and Geoffrey E. Nield (Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia), James Hier (MEC Australia, Sydney), Emelia Millward (Seven Network, Sydney), and Richard B. Silberstein and Shaun A.S. Seixas (Neuro-Insight Pty Ltd. and Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne).

Money Talks . . . to Online Opinion Leaders: What Motivates Opinion Leaders to Make Social-Network Referrals?
Mengze Shi (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto) and independent marketing consultant, Andrea C. Wojnicki explore the impact of using extrinsic (monetary) rewards to prompt influential consumers to generate online referrals in their social networks.

Who “Likes” You . . . and Why? A Typology of Facebook Fans: From “Fan”-atics and Self-Expressives to Utilitarians and Authentics
Introducing the four faces of Facebook Fans, and reasons they may be driven to “Like” but not to make a purchase. Elaine Wallace and Michael Hogan (National University of Ireland Galway), Isabel Buil (University of Zaragoza), and Leslie de Chernatony (Aston Business School, Birmingham/Brand Box Marketing & Research Consultancy).

Lessons Learned from 197 Metrics, 150 Studies, and 12 Essays: A Field Guide to Digital Metrics
An excerpt from social and digital guru Stephen D. Rappaport’s upcoming book published by the ARF includes six lessons for using digital metrics wisely and four essays by industry thought leaders: Nielsen’s Megan Clarken, Experian Marketing Services’ Max Kilger, GfK’s Florian Kahlert, and comScore’s Gian Fulgoni.

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