The ARF 2010 Ogilvy Awards Categories

The ARF 2010 Ogilvy Awards Categories

Ogilvy Awards

Gold and Silver awards are given to the best two entrants within each category listed below. If you are unsure which category is appropriate for your case study, please contact the ARF for guidance.

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, as we ll as gasoline, motor oil, servicing and partsFinancial Services
Credit cards, loans, mutual funds, banking

Soda, water, coffee, beer, wine, spirits

Business to Business
Products and services specifically targeted to businesses

Consumer Electronics
TVs, radios, DVDs, cameras, stereos, computers

Fashion and Household Furnishings
Clothing, eyewear, hosiery, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, furniture, paints, appliances

Governmental, Public Service, Non-Profit
Municipal or state development, lotteries, utilities, public service messages, political messages

Health and Personal Care Products
Consumer healthcare/OTC products, first aid, beauty aids, soaps, deodorants

Products and services targeting global markets

Products and services targeting ethnic markets

Packaged Goods
Cereals, frozen foods, canned goods, snacks

Prescription drugs and medical devices

Professional Services
Hospitals, HMOs, employment services, legal services, real estate, delivery systems

Restaurants, Bars and Eateries
Restaurants, fast-food, coffee shops, juice bars

Stores or web sites providing a specialty line or general merchandise

Shopper Marketing
Honors outstanding shopper insights research leading to successful shopper marketing initiatives

Sports, Entertainment and Media
Sporting events and teams, films, music, TV shows video-games, plays, museums, travel, sporting goods, network and cable branding

Telephone companies, cellular services, internet access and bundled services

Research Achievement Awards

Winners are selected from among all category winners. Research Achievement Awards honor exceptional success solving a critical business challenge. The specific awards will be determined based on the submissions received, but could include:

1. Successful launch of a new product or brand
2. Revitalizing or repositioning a flagging brand
3. Establishing a new or growing an existing market
4. Maintaining strong sales with a reduced marketing budget
5. Supporting premium

Research Innovation Award

This special award recognizes an innovative research approach or novel application of research that results in an outstanding advertising campaign. Selected from among all Gold category winners.

Grand Ogilvy Award

The campaign demonstrating the most successful use of research in the creation of superior advertising that achieves a critical business objective. Selected from among all Gold category winning campaigns.


2010 David Ogilvy Awards


Case Studies
Download When it Works, an analysis of the 2010 ARF Ogilvy Awards case studies.

The best part about winning the Grand Ogilvy, besides the amazing validation of a job well done, was being able to celebrate the victory with the broader team, including agency partners. Too often, we get so caught up in doing, doing, doing that we don't take the time to sit back and acknowledge the incredible labor of love that goes into an Ogilvy-worthy effort.”

Padmini Sharma – Group Manager, Strategic Insights, Frito-Lay
2009 Grand Ogilvy Award Winner

This is a particularly meaningful award for us because utilizing research in order to discover and make insights actionable is at the core of everything we do. This is what makes our work powerful…and, clearly, being the Ogilvy and being the first time the ARF added a Multicultural Category, makes it just that more special.”

Alex López Negrete – President/CEO, Lopez Negrete Communications
2009 Gold Ogilvy Award Winner, Multicultural: Banking & Finance Category
– as quoted in dBusinessNews and Only in Houston

This global Gold celebrates the power of research-led advertising to deliver and prove concrete results in an era of puff and spin. This is about the triumph of hard facts and hard truths.”

David Lyle, Chief Executive of Lyle Bailie
2009 Gold Ogilvy Award Winner, International Category
– as quoted in Business & Leadership

For more information about the Ogilvy Awards, please contact:
Zena M. Pagán


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