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US Census Bureau's Senior Researcher for Survey Methodology to Speak at ARF Multicultural Advertising Council During Ad Week

September 2, 2009

New York, NY – September 2, 2009

A “must-see” session at Advertising Week 2009, will be presented by The ARF Multicultural Advertising Council on Tuesday, September 22, at which Nancy Bates, Senior Researcher for Survey Methodology at the U. S. Census Bureau, will share the results of a powerful new segmentation program developed by the U. S. Census Bureau, which will drive marketing and advertising of the 2010 Census.

The Advertising Week session, entitled The Time is Right: On the Path to Multicultural Business Growth will present an expansive new direction for supporting and enhancing multicultural business growth which will have a significant impact on the research, advertising and marketing industries.

"The segmentation enriched our multicultural approach to marketing the 2010 Census by identifying the underlying constructs of hard-to-count populations. Not only do we get a sense of where these populations reside, but we now understand how to adjust the mix of media, especially locally targetable media like Out-of-Home, radio, and news, to best deliver our multicultural messages," Nancy said.

This new knowledge about ethnic consumers will have far-reaching implications to marketers. In this Multicultural Advertising Council meeting, you will learn new approaches to target products and services to multicultural audiences, by exploring crucial questions such as: How are clusters with a high concentration of ethnic consumers different from those without? What has to be done differently to get a high response from ethnic consumers? What best practices can be gleaned from the bureau’s research?

Another highlight of the meeting will be the presentation of a three-year ARF plan that will replenish, rejuvenate and reinvigorate multicultural marketing, which will be unveiled by Ron Franklin, GlobalHue’s Vice Chairman Research and Planning (retired).

This plan will provide opportunity and share point analysis, models that confirm the value and establish the ROI of multicultural marketing, best practice case studies from the industry, and a multicultural intern program that will replenish, rejuvenate and refresh the cultural resources needed to “fuel” cultural growth by marketers and advertisers.

The mission of the ARF’s Multicultural Advertising Council is to address the relevant issues facing multicultural marketing; to evaluate existing multicultural research; to assess whether multicultural groups are properly represented in general market and media studies; and to consider ways to improve the credibility of multicultural research.

Additional ARF Council meetings open to all during Advertising Week include 360 Media & Marketing on September 22 and Engagement and Social Media on September 23. To find out more and register visit:

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