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Ad Blocking-Consumer Behavior and Advertiser Concerns

Feb 08, 2016

Are You One of the 47% Who Report Ad Blocking? This Quirk’s Marketing Research Review article, “Your Ad Not Here: Should Marketers Be Worried About Ad-Blocking?” presents statistics and trends related to ad blocking, revealing consumer confusion about the difference between ad-blocking technology and cookie data restriction, and more… See more. . . Source: http://www.quirks.com/articles/2015/20151126-1.aspx Would […]

Neuroscience and The Revealing Power of Emotions

Feb 01, 2016

Are Politicians Reading Your Mind? In order to win elections, political campaigns in many countries are using neuroscience to seek voter data and insights. Kevin Randall, writing for The New York Times describes some of these techniques and campaigns in his article, “Neuropolitics, Where Campaigns Try to Read Your Mind.”  He describes how facial coding, […]

Analytics-The Benefits and the Challenges

Jan 25, 2016

Who Will Be Increasing Their Marketing Analytics Spending by 66% The “CMO Survey Report: Highlights and Insights,” August 2015 survey by Christine Moorman and sponsored by McKinsey & Company, American Marketing Association, and The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, analyzes spending on marketing analytics by firm and industry characteristics.  The survey shows how […]

2016 Predictions and Trends-Part 3

Jan 19, 2016

CES 2016-The Future Revealed Sarah Ivey, Global Chief Strategy Officer, Initiative, discusses the trends from the Consumer Electronics Show, and she provides the implications of each trend for marketers in this article, “Five Learnings for Marketers From CES 2016,” on the site of Marketing magazine.  Ivey points out that driverless cars will free up drivers […]


Jan 11, 2016

Consumers, Heroes, and the Trends That Will Impact Advertising in 2016 Ford Motor Company and advertising agency Ogilvy reveal the “10 Behavioral Trends Guiding Advertising in 2016,” in this Media Post article by Laurie Sullivan. Despite an underlying sense of disillusionment, consumers are willing to embrace heroes, including fictional characters. Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s Global Consumer […]