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Q&A with Jasper Snyder on Ad Blocking/Fraud – AM 2016

Jul 19, 2016

We interviewed Jasper Snyder, EVP, Research & Innovation: Cross-Platform, from The ARF who provided his perspective on Ad Blocking/Fraud and the key takeaways from 8 of those AM sessions with industry leaders. What were some of the highlights for you of all of the discussions and presentations on these areas? There were lots! Ted McConnell […]

The Rise of Ad Blocking Is Changing Digital Marketing – via Adweek

Jul 19, 2016

A compelling ad experience could stop users adopting ad blockers; however, users have many more reasons for screening out ads. Mostly users find ads intrusive, and since the launch of ad blocking software on mobile devices, they are able to spend more of their online time in an ad-free environment. As more users are adopting […]

Senators Urge FTC to Examine Ad Fraud – via WSJ

Jul 19, 2016

As the buying and selling of digital advertising has grown more automated, the industry has grappled with various forms of fraud. For example, scam artists have built networks of bogus websites, where they sell ads and use computer programs—or “bots”—to make it look as though these sites are regularly visited by humans. In other cases, […]

Mobile Ad Fraud Outbreak is a Sign of Things to Come – via Business Insider

Jul 19, 2016

Ad fraud on mobile devices has been less frequent than on desktop PCs, mainly because there is less money invested into mobile ads at this time, i.e. of the $60 billion spent on internet ads in the US in 2015, only $21 billion was spent on mobile, according to PwC. This lower levels of mobile […]


Jul 19, 2016

The ANA and White Ops have conducted studies on ad fraud. Who then should be responsible for combatting the bot army? Of the advertisers taking part in the survey, 17% see themselves as the responsible party, while 26% thought all stakeholders had a shared responsibility to fight the fakers, 21% held the Publishers most accountable […]