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AcuPOLL Precision Research, Inc.

AcuPOLL Precision Research has been a leader in early-stage learning and development research since 1991. At AcuPOLL, they take a total brand building approach on every project. They help clients assess the potential of new product development and marketing directions (packaging, advertising, and promotions). AcuPOLL also utilize unique methodologies and extensive diagnostic tools to gather Insights to help their clients develop stronger initiatives.


8500 Broadwell Road
Cincinnati, OH 45244


The AD Club of New York and Yahoo will host the first two breakfasts in an ongoing series of strategic conversations featuring client executives as they take a deep dive into the latest trends impacting their companies and specific business sectors. Cheryl Guerin and Ben Jankowski of MasterCard will tackle Finance on 7/16 and Bonin Bough of Mondelez will delve into CPG on 7/30.

Coverage will include: campaign success stories, challenges and how they were overcome, the next big thing on the horizon, moderated Q&A and audience Q&A.  For more information and to register, click here or call Sydney at 212.533.1929.

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