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Scarborough Research

Scarborough Research measures the lifestyles, shopping patterns, media behaviors, and demographics of American consumers locally, regionally, and nationally. Scarborough insights are relied upon by marketers and media professionals to develop successful marketing and communication strategies. Scarborough measures over 100 local markets across the country, and features regional and national studies, as well as specialized market research on multicultural consumer groups and sports fandom. The company’s signature Top-Tier Local Market Studies, national USA  study and Multi-Market Study are accredited by the Media Rating Council. In addition to its syndicated products, Scarborough also offers customized research and analytics services. The relied-upon source for qualitative research by local media for decades, Scarborough also serves as the premiere newspaper audience ratings service, and measures newspaper ratings in print, online, and combined print/online. 

770 Broadway
7th Floor
New York, NY 10003


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