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Measuring the Unspoken Word

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 • 11:00AM–12:00PM

A large part of customer needs are latent and unstated. Usually these are emotional and capturing them is not easy. While research facilities such as neuroscientific research exist, wearables provide an easier and alternative way of capturing these emotional responses, albeit in real time, cost-effective and uninhibited manner. Using wearables to measure emotional engagement helps in understanding customer needs, effective customer targeting and right messaging without asking the wrong questions.

Join this webcast to delve in the new realm of consumer data captured in real time and how it can be utilized for anticipating customer needs.

Jai Kapoor – Manager, Customer and Market Insights, Hewlett Packard
Neha Tulsiani – Program Manager, Hewlett Packard


Measuring the Unspoken Word
September 24, 2014


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